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Mother Goose Time with Drizzle Fizzle

Mother Goose Time with Drizzle Fizzle

I found out about Mother Goose from my sons Day-school and fell instantly in love with it. I am not a huge planner so I adore box curriculum were everything you need is in one place. No fuss, no muss is my motto. So to keep track of my sons progress I started listing each curriculum theme and what was covered so at the end of the year I can go back and evaluate him and see what I might want to spend some more time going back over with him again. He did do March, Growing Gardens, as well, but it was through his day-school.

Ocean Commotion
Dive into the ocean and swim with the jellyfish.  Imagine what it will be like to blow fish bubbles and decorate a coral reef.  Wiggle your arms like an octopus, but watch out for the shark puppet!  Paint a whale and share a story with the giant tortoise.
Numbers:  3, 4
Letters:  D, O, S
Colors:  Blue, Purple
Shape:  Triangle

Seasons of Change
What makes leaves fall? Where does the wind come from? Why does it rain? Grab your coat and investigate the reasons for the changing seasons. Make your own thunder shaker and play catch with a hailstone. This theme will encourage you to sort colorful leaves and curl up and rest with a hibernating bear.
Numbers: 5, 6
Letters: W, U, T
Colors: Yellow and Orange
Shape: Rectangle

Winter Wonderland
Pretend to sled with the penguins, run with the caribou and build your own igloo.  Can you help rescue a baby polar bear from the iceberg?  Recreate a mountain scene with a collage.  Explore the arctic and the sparkling world of snow in this Winter Wonderland theme.
Numbers:  7, 8
Letters:  I, X, Y
Colors:  White, Red
Shape:  Square
 Dinosaur Dig 
 Dig deep in the dirt and discover a dinosaur bone! Reconstruct a dinosaur footprint that is bigger than your body as you step back to Jurassic times. Decorate a set of dinosaur wings to fly with pterodactyls. Hunt for leaves with a baby triceratops and help T-rex find safety from the erupting volcano.
Numbers: 9 & 10
Letters: V, E & B
Colors:  Purple & Green
Shape: Oval
It's a Small World
Pack your suitcase, grab a map and get ready for an adventure around the world.  Experience open-air markets where you will weave a carpet and play drums.  Your sight-seeing tour includes a Great Wall and a Leaning Tower.  Celebrate natural beauty and diversity in our small world.
Numbers:  11, 12, 13
Letters:  J, L, Q
Colors:  Red, Pink
Shape:  Heart

 APRIL 2012
Blast Off to Space
3...2...1...Blast off!  Be an astronaut and fly off in a homemade rocket ship.  Count the stars all the way to Mars.  Imagine the adventure you will have as you pretend to float in space and twirl like a ring around Saturn.  Try space food and take off for an expedition.
Numbers:  17, 18
Letters:  M, N, R
Colors:  Black, Yellow
Shape:  Star

 MAY 2012
Jungle Jamboree
What do you hear in the jungle?  Listen to the animals chatter like a monkey or yawn like a sloth.  Follow a frog up a tree.  Make a parrot puppet and teach it to squawk.  Swing down a vine, grab a mango and sing songs in this Jungle Jamboree.
Numbers:  19, 20
Letters:  A, G, Z
Colors:  Green, Blue
Shape:  Octagon


 JUNE 2012
Home Sweet Home
Where do you call home?  Explore the many places people call home.  Open your windows and explore the homes built by animals.  Search for a spider's web or squirrel nest in the trees.  Dig a hole and help a rabbit make a burrow.
Numbers:  Review 1 - 20
Letters:  Review A - Z

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