Monday, July 23, 2012

What I Love Most About My Munchkin-July

Month: July

Special Days: You got a girlfriend! Yepperes. That makes my list of things that make me happy. Not just that you got a girlfriend, but that you understand that we do not necessarily condone "dating" in the traditional sense, but courting instead. I love getting to watch you learn to deal with women in a Christian manner. To see you opening doors, letting her go first, have concern for her needs etc. You are also learning boundaries with courting as well and what is and not acceptable, but more than that. you are learning how your actions might be viewed by the outside world. I cannot wait to see where this goes and how you change (hopefully for the better) because of this experience in life.

Favorite Stories: Wow, with you its always something that's for sure. So far this month you have shot your brother with the pellet gun, and not just once. You have got your first girl. You are taking drivers Edd and learning to drive. You have so much going on in your life its crazy! My favorite though has to be that I get to teach you to drive! We have gone around the parking lots, the road by our house and you are learning faster than what you think. You have problems with first gear and reverse, but that was to be expected. You are also learning the words "break gently"! I leave that at that, but I am glad my car has air bags :) You are in the process of logging 10 day time hours and 10 night time hours minimum. It is an ADVENTURE, but one I am so glad I get to experience with you and not via your dad or anyone else.

Fabulous Photo: 

Greatest Quotes:  "Will you talk to James about...." Fill in the blank here. That is your opening line for everything you want to do, but think he will say no to. you know we talk and discuss everything and make decisions together so I always know when you think your going to get a no when you start off with those words. I can almost guarantee too that it will have something to do with you going somewhere as well! You are our test teenager! The joys of being the oldest we try out what does and does not work on you to use for the other 2:)
What has impressed me most about you this month:
You want to go to church! OK maybe its just because of a girl, but I am actually ok with that. I went to church just to appease someone in the beginning as well and over time I started listening to the message and getting curious about it. Eventually I wanted to go to church on my own for me> My hope is that one day you will want to go for your self and your relationship with your Savior and not for a girl. Until that time though I am willing to accept why you go, but I secretly Iam holding out hope and praying for you daily that the  Lord will enslave your heart to Him through what is going on now.
Where I hope to see you grow:
This is  a toughie actually. You can read the above of course, but its more than that. I want you to want to live a life according the the will of Christ. Especially now that you have found girls and driving and are about to be a man. I want that firm, solid foundation for you. I want to see you have a love for Christ that captivates you and moves all your decisions towards His will for you. I know this is a time thing, and if I push to hard I will have the opposite effect than what I want for your life. So I try to gently guide, but with form rules in place that do glorify God.

My Absolute 3 Favorite Thing We Did Together This Month:
1. 4th of July-Watching you get all wild and crazy, driving around on my car and being wreck less was fun. I like seeing you cut up and enjoy life. You tend to be a little too serious sometimes and I like to see you smile.
2. Driving with you- I don't think I even need to add to this. I have a stick shift, you have never been behind the wheel of any car. Its interesting! I am loving every moment of  it and would not trade it for the world.
3. Watching you with your Nikki- Seeing you grow into a man that wants to look after and take care of someone is nice. To see you as a gentleman and treating her properly. I like seeing the type of girl you are interested in and knowing shes smart, shy, modest, and a child of God warms my heart. She has good character traits and I hope you will always look at the inner person more than the outer, no matter how pretty the girl is. You made a good choice :)

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