Monday, July 23, 2012

What I Love Most About My Princess-July

Month: July

Special Days: We didn't have many special days because you were with your daddy most of the month, but I enjoyed the weekends we had together, just being able to cuddle up and hang out with you.

Favorite Stories: I loved watching you scream and carry on over the cute Big Time Rush boys and Cody Simpson. The whole thing made me thin back to when I was young and I was crazy for the boys in the New Kids on the Block. (yes, I am old, we know). Watching you live your life sometimes reminds me of me when I was young and it helps me remember the things that were important at that age. I enjoy watching you be a kid and love life.

Fabulous Photo: 

Greatest Quotes: " momma, can....." lately this has been "Momma can Sara come and do... or Momma can Sara and I....." There is a trend. do you see it? Its Sara! Your BFF for life ;) You two are inseparable. Where ever one goes the other wants to follow. So lately, ok every summer, our conversations center around Sara and you doing something.

What has impressed me most about you this month:
This one is hard, with you being gone so much. But I think it woulds be how excited you got when you were asked to babysit the leaders kids for AWANS. You have been DYING to get your hands on the babies and now you get to. Why does this impress me? Simple. It reinforces what I already knew about you. You have a gentle spirit that loves to care for others. You look out for me when I am sick, and even your little brother. You are always trying to find ways to make other people happy and their life easier. It does not go unnoticed.

Where I hope to see you grow: In your Independence. You are trying so hard to find yourself and I hope that you find a style that is all you, but one that will bring honor and glory to God as well. You are trying different music, clothes, language...just trying to find your own unique identity. It is fun to watch, but challenging to live with! You want so badly to be the leader, but you are not accomplishing it, instead you morph into other peoples view of you and how you should be. We try hard to stay out of this and offer biblical guidance to you, but right now I think you view the bible as Gods word as your enemy in some regards. Especially with what we hear and watch and wear. Those are the big issues right now.
My Absolute 3 Favorite Thing We Did Together This Month:

1. Big Time Rush/Cody Simpson Concert-  This was your second concert-...ok 3rd actually (Avril Lavign, Skillet/Toby Mac and now BTR) You were looking forward to this all month long! I don't know what you were more excited about; seeing BTR or getting to take Sara along with you? I guess it will always remain one of those un-answered questions. I got great video of the concert and I love seeing you come alive and be a girl! These are rare times in deed as you find your own identity and I love watching every minute of it. Just FYI: Carlos is your favorite still and you still think Cody is SSSSOOOOO cute!! ( that was for later in life)
2. Six Flags- Rides, rides and more rides. We went for your cousin, Kristian's, birthday. You finally got back on the Mine Train and we also rode the Aqua Man several times, but you did not like it very much, except the bridge. You almost got on the Superman, but when they were loading you on teh ride, you got scared and backed out. You were more mad at yourself than anything. you wanted so badly to be brave and show everyone you could do it. You still conqured your fear though with the roller coasters! Plus you went on the parachutes for the first time. All in all we had a FANTASTIC time. From sun up to sundown it was non stop rides!
3. Swim Time- Who doesn't love to swim. It was more than that. I like seeing you play with your brothers. Its about the only time you guys are not upset over something and I enjoy seeing everyone get along,laughing and playing. I also like just lounging in the chairs with you!

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