Saturday, June 30, 2012

What I Love Most About Drake-June

Month: June

Special Days: I had tons of fun watching you play sports this month. You tried you hand at just about everything and it was interesting to get to watch you work through things to see what you liked. I also loved doing special projects with you. For the summer we kept going with your Mother Goose curriculum and I got to see you at work. Trying your hand at letters, colors, shapes and reading.

Favorite Stories: You are love being the clown of the family. I think you are trying to compete with Matthew for this title. Both of you are so jealous of the other and any attention that is taken away from your "floor time." You have developed a love for fishing...OK not really fishing, just going to the pond to chase the ducks and feed them and then cast your line over and again. It drives your dad crazy!

Fabulous Photo:  To Come

Greatest Quotes: "Why" Why you have started up with the "why's" again I do not know. But you have to know the answer to everything. You are your own little private investigator. You sneak around, listen, repeat. There are no secrets in the house for sure with you around! You keep us all honest.

What has impressed me most about you this month: Your caring attitude. you have a helpers soul. you love to help me out around the house, get me things when I feel sick, make me laugh when I am sad, and you are loving on me all the time. You pat my back and stroke my cheek. You do the same thing with your sister and try with your brother, but he won't have it. You are just a very caring little boy. i am so proud that you are my son.

Where I hope to see you grow: Accepting responsibility. you are in the blame phase of life. You like to push it off on someone else, even the cat. You are emotional and we are working on that. You are making tremendous progress though in prayer and manners!
My Absolute 3 Favorite Thing We Did Together This Month:

1. Birthday Parties: Ok this is cheesy and I know it, but I love sitting and watching you interact with your friends and making new ones. I know its lame, but it makes me happy to see you happy. You are alot like your sister in this area believe it or not. She always makes friends with the person no one else seems to want to be friends with! you do the same thing. You see someone alone, and you immediately want to be there best buddy. I am very proud of both of you for showing Christ love in this manner Why else parties you might ask? Well it gives me the chance to practice unselfishness with you. From the picking of the present to the card to wrapping it up. You are showing someone else love and kindness.  You have to stop and think.."what makes this person happy? What do they need/want?" Plus you have to use some of your own money that you did chores for to help pay for the gift so you are very thoughtful when it comes to the perfect gift.
2.Hockey: What can I say this month has been all about sports! You are trying your hand at everything right now,looking to see what you love the most and what you just don't like to play. You are a natural on ice skates. I was blown away at your ability to put on some skates, get geared up and take off with really no instructions. You fell and once you learned how to get up you loved to fall on purpose and slid across the ice acting like you were stopping the puck heading right for you! I got so many compliments on how good you were and how much raw talent you posses it was dumbfounding. I wish I could have kept you in hockey, because you LOVED IT! The gear, skating, blocking, defending, all of it and you were so good at it. Sadly, though I simply cannot afford it for you, although I really wish I could.
3. Baseball Finals/Football Tryouts: OK so football was not really your thing. Or actually it was your thing, but too much of it. It was too much hands on contact and you get very aggressive, quickly and you are strong. You end up hurting the other kids and then you feel bad but they get hurt again. We decided football was probably not the best sport for you despite how much you like it. We will try again when you are a little older and can really understand how hard you are hitting someone and a little better control of it. You did like playing defense though and running back  and you were good at it. The coaches lacked direction and patients and your energy was a little too much for them I am afraid. Baseball though you loved and were good at it. Your team came in 2nd place in the league finals! We were all so proud of you. You got a fabulous trophy and even got to play against your best buddy Jace for the final game! It was awesome and you played so good. We already signed you up for next year.

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