Friday, August 17, 2012

Learning survival skills

We took you to learn to gun safety and basics this month up at Bass Pro Shop.You were so excited it was hard to keep you still. You learned about safety gear, how to hold a gun, were to aim it, how to push the safety off, were you should keep a gun stored at, why its not a toy, but a weapon, why we don't play with them and point them at people. and your favorite part, how to shoot one.

With Daddy learning how to hold your bow

With your instructor learning to hold a bow
 You also got the chance to learn about hunting techniques, and the different types of bows that you can you to hunt with , instead of guns. You loved this and wanted to buy a bow to go "fishing" with. Too darn cute.

You learned about the different areas on the bow, why they are each important, how to aim, load an arrow, shoot and recover.

We also got to make some bear tracks as souvenirs to take home with us.

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