Friday, August 31, 2012

What I Love Most About Delaney-August

Month: August

Special Days: First day of school, tons of swimming, youth group, ASL, watching Psych together, and so much more!

Favorite Stories: Probably the youth group swim party story this month. Read below and you'll see why.

Fabulous Photo:  Yes, I know this one is from Six Flags, but I aminly put this phot here because of the water and that so describes this whole month..You and water!
Greatest Quotes:" Can I , Can I, Can I, please, please, please? I'll take Drake" I heard this alot this last month. normally in regards to swimming at the neighbors, or going to play someplace.. I think you adopted this as your summer mantra. 

What has impressed me most about you this month: Your willingness to go with the flow, even when you are being cheated. Although going to public school is something you have been wanting to do, it came with sacrifices. No more volunteer work at the zoo, no Daddy getting you early and for longer periods of time, no more late nights with mom and sleeping in, no more weekday sleep overs, no more "fun" school time. Alot of changes and although some of them really upset you, you took it in strides knowing my choices were limited and I was doing what I had to to protect you all at this juncture in life. I hated placing you in p.s., but sometimes Gods plans and yours are not the same and you need to accept His plans over our own. You did this and Iam proud of you for it. It all worked out in the end though. I was ble to switch your Wednesday schedule with another girl for Saturdays and your daddy will pick you up from school and keep you a couple hours later at night,so God was watching out for you and showing you He loves you and cares about the plans you have for your life as well.

 Where I hope to see you grow: Sitting back and having patience. You will not always have all the answers you want then second you need or ask for them in life. Part of what we have forgotten is to learn to listen to God and wait for His timing to teach us and give us the wisdom we need, not on our time, but His. Learning to not always run to others for answers, but to seek Gods wisdom is first priority.

My Absolute 3 Favorite Thing We Did Together This Month
1. First Day of School-Come on, you knew this would make the list, its mom after all! Alright this was not your first day of 7th grade, but it was your first day of 7th grade in public school, so there I win! Yes, Ill take that small victory thank you very much! I loved shopping with you to get your clothes, picking out supplies, and hated the registration process. Didn't see that one coming did you. Gotcha, gotta pay attention here luv bug. I did adore seeing you off to school on your first day.
2. ASL Classes- OK these did not go as planned, mainly because we got the wrong teacher who had no clue how to teach kids, but still you did wonderful at it and you learned alot for the almost month we did classes as a family. It was the wrong time, wrong teacher and so much more. I still greatly enjoyed doing this and would love to do it again.
3. Youth Pool Party: You got a you remember it? Its "Double-Dog Dare Delaney" Why might you ask? From my gathering the whole youth party you lived like a fish in the water and when everyone else was too scared to go to the hot tub from the pool and vice versa, they double dog dared you and you did it time and again, along with every other dare you got that night. So name well deserved double dog!

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