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What I Love Most About my Drizzle-September


Special Days: Art Days, AWANA, School, Baseball

Favorite Stories: You are just a crazy little boy, full of life and energy. You love to make me laugh and be hte little clown. You have a comedians heart for sure. Weather you are dancing out of the room all crazy, or truning cartwheels for me to look at, you love to have my undivded attention and to make me smile. Even on teh ropes, you were play falling and being crazy and sticking your head in like you were trapped, just being you.

Fabulous Photo:  

Greatest Quotes: "No" " You cant make me", " OK whop me" and so many have learned back talk! And WOW do I despise it. I'll just leave it at that.

What has impressed me most about you this month:  Whenever someone is feeling down, we can always count on you to cheer us up. You do not like to see people hurt, crying, unhappy or sick. You try to pamper them and love on them and you are so incrediably sweet baby.Its a part of your character I hope you never loose.

Where I hope to see you grow: Control. You are improving slowly, but we have a long way to go. You let your emotions run you and control you instead of you controlling them. We have you in play therapy right now to help with this and I see small improvements. We have also started praying more about this isue together and talking about better ways to improve. I know you can do this and I am so happy to get to be a part of the growth you are going through and cn

My Absolute 3 Favorite Thing We Did Together This Month

#1: Art Day-

Today we celebrated the wonderful world of art. We spent the whole day just you and me living in the moment. We started off early in the morning with a trip to the Winspear Opera House in Downtown to watch a live production of The True Story of the Three Little Pigs! What a blast we had too. We sat three rows back and had the best view of the show imaginable. The show was great. You especially loved the audience participation parts and getting to act like a pig when we voted on if the Big Bad Wolf should be set free or locked up forever! We voted on freedom. 

After the play we went on over to the  Nasher Art Center and walked the tight rope!Its actually called "Cuddle on the Tightrope" by Ernesto Neto. The artist has added the complex new element of a freestanding, interwoven framework of metal structural supports to create his fun and beautiful art that we greatly enjoyed. It swayed, it bounced, and we laughed. Great joy! You really loved how the netting reminded you of spider webs.

From the Nasher we hooped on over to Crown Collection Asian Art Museum to look at there Lotus collection, Qualities of Jade and On the Silk Road and the High Seas: Chinese Ceramics, Culture and Commerce. The art examines why Chinese ceramics were such prized commodities, both at home and abroad. We got to see proto-porcelain how it appeared in China about 3,000 years ago and hard-paste porcelain . This precious product was sometimes called "white gold," especially in the West.There was also a Tantric Art exhibit but I chose to pass that one up.

From the Asian Art Center we hopped on over to the Dallas Museum of Art and explored what they had to offer. They had alot of different eras of African Art and we could not stay long at all. You were wearing down by this point and your little hands were getting way to curious and needed to reach out and feel the art. You were no longer content to look so we had to call it a day. 

On our way back we did look at the Architecture downtown has to offer and you showed me all your favorite buildings and explained what you loved and hated about them. You seem to love sharp edges  the best. Here are some of the buildings we looked at just driving around through downtown:

One Arts Plaza - 1722 Routh St. - 2007 -unimpressed
Awalt Building - 208 N. Market St. - 1905
Bank of America Plaza - 901 Main St. - 1985- you loved all the sharp edges in this one
Belo Building - 400 S. Record St. - 1987- you loved this one
Cathedral Santuario de Guadalupe - 2201 Ross Av. - 1902; 2005- even though we are not catholic the building was beautiful
 Center City Plaza (formerly the Adolphus Tower) - 1412 Main St. - 1954
JP Morgan Chase Tower - 2200 Ross Av. - 1987- This is Donkey Kongs pliers. We all love this bulding
Comerica Bank Tower (formerly Bank One Center) - 1717 Main St. - 1987- you loved all the circle edges on this one
Dallas Convention Center - 650 S. Griffin St. - 1957; 1973; 1984; 1994; 2002
Dallas Gas Company - 1915 Wood St. - 1924-unimpressed
Dallas Grand Hotel - 1914 Commerce St. - 1956-unimpressed
Dallas Museum of Art - 1717 N. Harwood St. - 1985
Founders Square - 900 Jackson St. - 1914; 1917; 1923 
 Fountain Place - 1445 Ross Av. - 1986-This was one of your favorites as well
Hyatt Regency Dallas Hotel - 300 Reunion Blvd. - 1978- you associate this one with Reunion Tower so its your favorite
Kennedy Memorial - 1970
Kirby Building - 1509 Main St. - 1913
 KMPG Centre (formerly Maxus Energy Centre) - 717 N. Harwood St. - 1980- you loved the reflection this one gives off and it made you look "taller"
Landmark Center - 1801 N. Lamar St. - 1914; 1922
Lincoln Plaza - 500 N. Akard St. - 1984
The Metropolis - 511 N. Akard St. - 1957- you loved the art work on this building- if that counts
Old Red Courthouse - 100 S. Houston St. - 1893 
SPG Building - 1530 Main St. - c.1920 - you adored the top "point" of the building the most
Thanksgiving Tower - 1601 Elm St. - 1982
Third Rail Lofts - 1407 Main St. - 2007
Warner Bros. Film Exchange - 508 Park Ave. - 1929
Wilson Building - 1623 Main - 1904 (NR)
Wilson Building Annex - 1910

#2: Warriors Baseball/Rangers Baseball: I actually got to be the head coach for your baseball team The Warriors! It only last 2 months and the team was dissolved because people had issues with a female head coach, but we had 5 players that stuck by us through it all and I had a blast teaching you baseball.  We ran drills, picked a team name, picked uniforms, played tons of practice games, hitting, pitching, catching, base running etc it was fabulous. Then we had to dismantle and you wound up on The Rangers. This started of sad and frustrating when we had to end our team, but your best buddy, Jace Carter, is on the Rangers and you were both so, so elated that you were going to play together that I couldn't be sad. Plus, a couple of the kids from our team wound up playing on The Rangers as well so it was perfect.

#3: AWANA: You finished the Cubbies last year and completed you very first full AWANA book and this year you are in the Sparks. I cannot wait to see you in your cute little outfit, learning scripture and having a blast making friends that have the same love for Christ that you do. I love being a leader for TNT so I get to see you daily being in the Word and witnessing your growth. This year your sister joins us to as the Puggles leader. YEAH

4. Centerpoint Choir: You got to sing in the church choir when we opened up the new sanctuary the first weeked of this month. You sang "Great is Thy Faithfulness" and you did so great. you got all dressed up in your little blue dress shirt and vest and you tan slacks and looked so handsome!

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