Saturday, September 1, 2012

What I Love Most about My Matthew-August

Month: August

Special Days: Blowing things up, throwing knives, shooting bebe ( dont think I spelled that right)guns, school and so much more. You know all the great boy/man things you let me do with you to humor me.

Favorite Stories: Not so much a story as what you found interest in. You learned about fireworks, pipe bombs and blasts. You have a new found love of explosives and its fun to watch you explore this avenue. Scary as heck, but as long as you are using safety I see no reason to stifle your new joy---yet. In the meantime, I sit back and watch and enjoy watching you learn science,math and chemistry all while having fun!

Fabulous Photo:  
Greatest Quotes: " We better run" followed right after you and James lit a little pipe bomb that blew apart my bird house right as a car drove past our house. Yeah, good times. :) Luckily, the police never came and we just lost the little birdy home and scared a lady half to death that we didnt even know. You know, small stuff. 

What has impressed me most about you this month:
 OK you have kinda been a recluse this month. I think its a combination of your girlfriend and you breaking it off, school starting for Senior year, and so many home changes this month all combined. You have stepped up though and helped so much around the house and with your brother and sister that I am truly impressed and proud of you. You made the decision to stay with us this year instead of your dad and you knew all the extra work that your decision would entail, yet you stayed. You go to church, you pick up your brother from school and you watch both your brother and sister every day till I get home from work! Alot of responsibility and you do it well. You very seldom complain or mumble about it knowing my choices are limited as well as a single mother. For that I am appreciative. You even volunteered, yes you read that right, volunteered to help out with the kids at children's church. IMPRESSED!
Where I hope to see you grow:
 I  want to see you moving in the same direction you are. You are coming very lightly around to church,God, prayer and taming down your music to things more honoring and pleasing to God. I know that is not your only reason and its more to do with what I will and not allow in the house, but you are making a conservative effort as well and it is noticed. I hope you continue down His path and not your own or mine or anyone else s, but His in your life. You have witnessed alot in your years, more than you ever should have, and I hope you have learned some life lessons from the paths not to take and how it will negatively effect you and the importance of picking wise friends and girlfriends to spend your time with. You are a smart man with a good heart and a good head on your shoulders and I am confident you will make me even prouder of you as the years go by.

My Absolute 3 Favorite Thing We Did Together This Month:
1. Fireworks-You get a BIG kick out of blowing things up and knowing you had a hand in it. I get a big kick out of watching you be filled with joy and and get all giddy.Yes, I am aware the 4th ended a LONG time ago, but you are not. You have blown up the bird house, jugs, boxes,..pretty much anything that you are allowed to blow up.
2.ASL Classes- OK we tried our hand at it and everyone complained so much about it, I dropped it. OK that's half the truth, the other was money, timing, life pretty much,but I did enjoy watching you learn something brand new and seeing it stick with you. I think it was a really great learning experience for us all.
3. First day of school!! Oh I know you wont count this as any big thing, but in my book it is. This is the first time in a LONG LONG time that I got to bring you to your first day of school and do all the cool stuff that goes along with it. So I counted it a joy and blessing from God that I got to experience this on your Senior year. Pretty soon mandated school will be over and you will be an adult and free to make your own decisions about college and work and I will have to slip into the background and let you stumble and learn on your own. Its going  to break my heart. The time we have had together like this has not been near long enough for me and I am going to break apart when you leave the nest again to go live life on your terms. I can only hope and pray that I have equipped you well enough to be a God honoring, loyal, responsible, humble, man of great character before you start on your own life path.

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