Sunday, September 30, 2012

What I Love Most About My Munchkin-September


Special Days: Septmber was not our month. We did not do much together and we kinda butted heads this month. I had too much going on and sadly you since you are the oldest you got neglected this month with your mom/son time, for that I apologize.

Favorite Stories: Us arguing over who should have the I-phone and why.

Fabulous Photo:  

Greatest Quotes: " But, you dont use it and dont need it like I do: This is in regards to the IPhone I ot and how desperatly you wanted it. I pretty much use the phone for pics and videos and it drives you crazy because you have wanted one and I refuse to give it up. So we "share" it right now.

What has impressed me most about you this month:
You are always willing to listen and see things from another's perspective. You admit when you are wrong and stand up for yourself when you feel you are right. Although we have had our challenges this month, you are learning who you are, what you want and what you have to do to achieve it. You have a kind heart, and a playful spirit that I hope always shines through .
Where I hope to see you grow: 
This month we had an incident with appropriate internet usage. With that being said, my hope is that you will realize how what you look at, listen to and say influences the type of man you are becoming and they types of relationships you will have. Taking in the wrong things either on the computer, the TV, or in any other aspect in life,  can numb you and make you feel impartial toward really meaningful, personal experiences and actions. It also can warp your perspective on topics,  women, morals, etc. My prayer is that you realize your actions speaks volumes about your character and the type of an you are on the inside. I want you to realize that if you have to hide it, lie about it, downplay it, or manipulate it, you should not be doing it and should stop before you become OK with it.
My Absolute 3 Favorite Thing We Did Together This Month
1. You volunteer at the church! How can that not make my list? I love seeing you spend time with the little kids. I know you are mainly doing it to get out of attending service, but acts of service is service, no matter how you rationalize it and it makes me proud and hopefully you are proud of your self as well. 

2. Dallas Zoo: I DRAGGED you out of the house to get you to go to the Dallas Zoo. OK you didnt even know you were going. You went to get money for an I-Phone of your own and we ran out of time to get you back. So you really had no choice but to go. The zoo was hosting its annual math and science fair. It was raining all day and we had no umbrella and basically got soaked, but I enjoyed myself since I got to have you there and you seldom come and do things with us. It was a long, wet day, but a good day.

3. Family Pictures: You hated it, but you still went. I had not had a single family picture since you were little and I really wanted one. I wished you would have smiled, but hey if your ok wit it, I am OK with  it as well.. I was happy to have all 3 of my kids together for a photo finally! Moms love these types of things, its just how we are wired. I really wish we had taken a good one together though, but in each one, one of us looked psychotic.

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