Sunday, November 4, 2012

Drizzles 2nd 6 weeks of Kindergarten

The  last 6 weeks you were able to recognize 6 upper case letters out of 26 and 3 of the lower case ones. This 2nd 6 weeks you are up to 8 upper case letters and 7 lowercase letter! GO TEAM DRAKE!!!

Word Wall Words: 

my, we, see, to, who, will, see, go, you, yes, with, I

  • features of Fiction and nonfiction

Phonological Awareness:
  • syllables
  • rhyming
  • hearing letter sounds, focus on letters /d/, /k/, /f/, /o/
Phonics and Grammar
  • letters Dd, Kk, Ff, Oo
Amazing Words/Oral Language
  • glad, afraid, proud, angry, worried, confused, surprised, nongiction, visual features, text features, labels, captions, photographs
  • attributes of shapes
  • using time to describe, compare, and order events and situations
  • compare events according to duration such as more time than less time tan
  • locations and spatial reasoning( top, middle, before, after, and between)

Science and Social Studies
  • changing colors
  • jobs in the dcommunity-People have jobs to earn money to meet their basic needs
  • Voting-coting in important in a democratic society
Bible/Character Development
  • Awana- John 3:16
  • 2 Timothy 2:15 "Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a workman who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth."
Physical Education: You just ended playing fall ball this 6 weeks and so I decided to talk to you some about the bones that you use when playing baseball and why they are important and how they function separately and together. We talked about how when you are born you have over 300 bones in your body and as you grow some of those bones fuse  (combine) together and when you reach adulthood you have 206 bones.To show this in terms he could better understand  we got out 300 logos then we connected 94 of them to other lego pieces making objects. AS we worked  I talked about different bones that fuse and he would point to were those bones were at on him. It was a good picture for him to be able to use. I then let him trace his body on a huge sheet of paper and we drew in his arm bones and leg bones and colored each bone a different color. We then went on to talk about typical sports injuries from baseball in your arms, knees, rotator cuff, etc and how to prevent them with proper body mechanics, stretching, healthy diet etc.

Bones  in your legs:
Bones  in your arms:
Sentence we have been working on:

 I am a boy. I am smart! God loves Drake.
Working in our ABC book daily (recognize letter, sounds and word picture associated with letter.

Website: , tumble-books, and Reading Eggs

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