Sunday, November 4, 2012

What I Love Most About Drake-October

Month: October

Special Days: Your birthday, first sleep over, end of fall ball, AWANA, Christmas play rehearsals and so much more.

Favorite Stories: You got your very first sleep over this month! Your best buddy Jace stayed the night and the two of you stayed up till midnight playing baseball, football, the Wii and just having a great time. Then you two little ruffians were up at 5am ready to go again! You plum tuckered me out for sure. I wanted a nap by the time Jace went home and you were so sad he could not just stay again.

Fabulous Photo: 

Greatest Quotes:  "That's so lame" I am not even sure were you picked this one up. We were talking about going to get your sister from youth group and I realized we were leaving an hour early and you respond with " that's so lame they are not ready" 

What has impressed me most about you this month:
The way you pray! You talk to Jesus like he is right there in front of you asking you how everything is going and you are pouring your little heart out to him. There are time you are VERY long winded and I want to tell you to wrap it up, but I know you need encouragement and so I let you go on. You have thanked God for the birds, grass, clouds, rain, the animals of the world. your animals( and you list them separately) your sister, brothers, me and dad, your grandparents, friends, and then you pray for everyone of the above, along with the sick and hurting, the homeless, the friend less and the list goes on and on in one night!! You love to pray and will remind me if I forget. I have truly been blessed with a little boy with such a great love and zeal for the Lord.
Where I hope to see you grow:Temper, temper, still have a short fuse and an inability to control your emotions in a positive manner. Its a work in progress and something mommy prays for you on.  You are my little control freak and cannot stand if someone says something or does something other than your way. You can drive us all bonkers then turn around and hug and kiss all over us in the same 10 seconds..You keep us all on your toes,but I truly wish you had more self control.

My Absolute 3 Favorite Thing We Did

1. State Fair of Texas: Making pottery, riding the rides, walking around and taking in the sites and just enjoying life and the day. It was a beautiful day and we had such a great time as a family. Sadly, the next night Big Tex burned to the ground, but it was your first time to see him and hear him talk and you adored every second of it!

2. Birthday! We celebrated my little man's 6th b day at the Gentle Zoo in Forney. Almost all your  friends came out to celebrate with you and you had an amazing time.

3. Science & Math day at the Zoo: We didn't even know this was going on till we dropped your sister off for her volunteer shift and you got so excited that we decided to stay and have some good ol' educational fun! You ran from booth to booth so excited to learn something new that I was blown away. After you had done every booth you went back and did them all again for a different grade level. All the while its pouring down rain, we have no umbrella and are soaked to the bone. Excellent day!

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