Sunday, November 4, 2012

What I Love Most About Matthew-October

Month: October

Special Days: Skateboarding, movies, hanging out and watching you grow!

Favorite Stories: Has to be the reason you gave me for skipping school. I drop you off at school in the am and go to work. I come home, unexpectedly, for lunch, and behold there you and Jacob are sitting in your room playing video games. When I ask why you are home, you tell me because Jacob was sick. So I am like OK Jacob is sick, why are you home? You start to lie and tell me you were feeling sick to, but then half way through change your mind and say because he had no place else to go and I didn't feel like going to school because I hate my English teacher. You then ask me to call you in sick, which I refuse, which leads into how school is useless and pointless and how you just need to drop out and get your GED because school is a waste and you hate your English teacher and you don't need calculus in the real world. Cases like this I love to sit back and let natural consequences take over. The sad thing is you only go to school till 2 anyway.

Fabulous Photo:  

Greatest Quotes:  " Schools not important, I'll just drop out and get me GED." This from my high school senior that only needs 2 classes to graduate. My for the GED with your own money, pass the test, get accepted into a college, then feel free to drop out of high school." Needless to say you are still in school :)
What has impressed me most about you this month:
You are coming around in expressing yourself verbally more and not holding it all in. You are gradually coming out of your shell and putting yourself out there just a little bit more than you were at the start of the year. You are growing out of video games and wanting to get a job and be able to live on your own soon and to be your own man!
Where I hope to see you grow:
You try and manipulate. I hate it, but except that every child at some point in life attempt to do this.It drives me crazy though. I have to pick and choose which ones I call you out on and which ones I let you think you got away with. Normally they are over school issues and me catching you skipping when you were suppose to be at school. I love listening to the excuses you give me for why you are not there. ALWAYS your friend is with you. So this month I would definitely want to see you grow in the honesty department. Your word is something you never want to loose. You want others to know you are a man of great character and that when you say you will do something or be someplace that is exactly what you will be doing and where you will be. The last thing you want is for people to be looking at what you are not saying instead of what you are saying. Meaning, you want your yes to be yes, your no to be no and not have people looking for what you are leaving out and trying to cover up or leave out of a conversation. Basically I want and desire for you to be a man of your word.
My Absolute 3 Favorite Thing We Did:  

1.Looking at stupid/funny pictures together: Although its highly inappropriate my favorite one had to be the one about the guy sits wearing a hoodie and dark glasses at the park and another guy walks up to him and asks "which kid is yours?" and the guy responds with " I don't know yet, haven't made up my mind."
2. Skate park: Finally we tracked down a skate park for you to go practice your mad skills at and you had a great time. You talked me into to "attempting' to drop in and had the whole park watching and waiting. Needless to say I could not do it and fell on my backside, but hey it was fun.

3. Our conversations:  I love sitting around talking to you about what you think. That's it. I just love listening to what is going on in that mind of yours. It gives me great insight on how to deal with issues when they arise and were your morals and purpose lies. We have held numerous conversations over God and religion, school, music, movies, family life, dating, relationships and the like. I just really enjoy getting to know you better and what makes my munchkin tick at this stage in your life.

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