Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What I Love Most about my Munchkin-November

Month: November

Special Days: 

Favorite Stories: You trying to talk your way out of school issues. Your excuses need some more work, for future reference. I do enjoy watching you try though.

Fabulous Photo:  HAHAHHA What  a joke..Iam lucky to get a photo of you..I wish I had one to put here, but sadly you hate the camera and you tuck tail and run away every time you think I may be even thinking of taking a picture. I reach for my phone and you disappear, You should really think about being a magician. Just saying.

Greatest Quotes:  " Drake's hurt"...something a mother never wants to hear. Luckily in the end he had a broke bone, but all things considered it could have been alot worse and everything worked out. It was the look on your face when you ran in to say it that stopped me in my tracks and I knew it was bad.

2nd Greatest Quote: "Back Scratcher!" You say this just about every time we sit down to watch a show together. Followed with you wiggling your back, just in case  I didn't get the hint.
What has impressed me most about you this month:

Where I hope to see you grow:
You are becoming solitary again. You came out of your shell for a few months and now you are slipping back into it.  I would like to see you a little more social with people and able to carry on a conversation with people you do not know very well instead of it being one sided. The ability to verbally communicate well will take you far in life. Oh yea, and I am still holding out that you except Christ....Just saying, come into the light it wont hurt you.
My Absolute 3 Favorite Thing We Did:  Sadly trying to find 3 fav things this month, especially when I am posting early is impossible my little hermit man. You have been hulled up in your room so secluded from your family that we could easily have forgotten you were there. You come out to eat ~Ich ben hungry~, get your back scratched then you scurry away for the night. its like your a darn cat right now.  My 3 fav things I did with you this month was harass you about not being social and going and doing anything with us! You make it hard to write this post just FYI. Your my munchkin though and I love you just as you are...see arnt I the greatest mom ever! I know right. Anyway munchkin, just having you around and watching you turn into a self efficient man is fantastic all on its own. I love you Matthew.

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