Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What I Love Most About my Princess-November

Month:  November

Special Days:  Thanksgiving, homes-schooling, end of volunteering at the zoo, more Christmas play rehearsals, and growing deeper in faith.

Favorite Stories: You complain all the time about how much pressure you are under as the lead in the church play, but every time I turn around you are talking about being in another play, wanting to do a musical, rejoining drama classes and all things theatre. I get such a giggle out of you sometimes. You are adorable and unique and Iam so thankful God has entrusted you to me. You make my life joyful.

Greatest Quotes:  " Can I dye my hair purple and black?" You were flipping through magazines waiting on your brother to get his hair cut and ran across this woman with jet black hair and huge purple streaks and you loved it. My answer was if you can pay for it, sure go ahead. Which you responded with, but you cant afford to give me allowance how Iam I suppose to pay for it? I love it when I get to see those light bulb moments with you;  and your hair is still its natural color. 

Greatest Quote #2: " What can I say, the spot light loves me!" This was in response to all the people praising you for your work on the Christmas play as Taylor in "Dude, you hear what I hear?" You were of course joking, but it was adorable, with your little hair flip and all to add to the sass.

What has impressed me most about you this month:

The attention you give to the kids you are entrusted to watch. You take such good care of the babies at church it blows me away. I sometimes wish you would pay that much attention to your little brother, but I actually understand that one. I am constantly getting praises from others about how attentive you are and how polite and smart you are. Iam flabbergasted at times. You are very good with kids though and you light up when you get to watch them and more so when they see you out in public and come run up for a hug from you. 

 Where I hope to see you grow:

Continuing to study scripture and apply it to your life Also, to see you have a closer relationship with both of your brothers. You are starting to isolate yourself and get annoyed when anyone comes near you. I know that's part of being a teenager, but I don't want to see you miss out on love, friendship and relationships that are right in front of you, with people who are pulling for you and want the best for you.

 My Absolute 3 Favorite Thing We Did

1. Thanksgiving Preperation:
you have already let me know you plan to help me prepare all the food this year, set the table and pray for us. My heart melted. Plus you have been doing all the meal planning as well so I dont have too. You have shown great responsibility and I am loving it!
2. Watching TV shows with you:
Yes, trivial to most I know, but this gives me an opportunity to see how you see things and experience shows through your eyes. What you are finding that support and contradicts your values and morals. It also allows for spiritual mentoring and character development. We really love watching Psych, Melissa & Joey and Switched at Birth together. I keep trying to suck you into Vampire Diaries, but your not hearing it :(
3. Helping with Drake: Normally you are locked up in a room someplace,but ever so often you will creep in and want to help your little brother with school work. You read to him, play "school" with him and teach him about life. Its a beautiful thing to watch. Plus, wiht him being hurt you are more loving and kind to him and he is eating it up. he lloks up to you and wants your undivided attention and he is getting it. You help him iwht his walker and getitng his clothes ready for the day etc.

**This month had to go out early so I can get all my posts toghether to make your special book for you for Chirstmas. Cannot wait to see how each of you react.***

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