Thursday, December 6, 2012

Top Ten Best New Homeschool Blogs of 2012

PhotobucketTop Ten Best New Homeschool Blogs of 2012

I was incredibly honored to be mentioned as one of the Top Ten Best Homeschooling Blogs by HSBA.There are so many wonderful bloggers out there and its extremely difficult to get your blog known and have a voice in the blogosphere...yes, I am making words up's my blog I can do that ;)....Below you will find a list of other fabulous bloggers mentioned. Head on over and show them some love as well and get inspired today.

The Unlikely Homeschool **WINNER of the 2012 Best New Blog**
Cornerstone Confessions
Jewish Homeschool In NYC
My Joy-Filled Life
Layered Soul
Cook Family Chronicles
Look At What You Are Seeing
Upside Down Homeschooling
Adventures in Homeschooling

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