Friday, January 18, 2013

What I Love Most About Matthew-December

Special Days:  Dragging you around to Christmas events, to plays, and everything else. You are very adiment about what you do and do not want to do. Early Christmas, driving lessons, gund, guns, guns!

Favorite Stories: It has to be you going through the house using your blow gun on everything. Oh yes, that lovely little blow gun that shoots needles clear across the house. I am just waiting for it to stick someone or some animal before its all said and done.

Fabulous Photo:  To come

Greatest Quotes:  "You cannot go through my room and invade my privacy!"  Have I ever told oyu how funny you are? When you have kids of your own, you will understand this one. Oh and trust me, they will say this at some point in life and normally thats when you need to go through "their" room!

What has impressed me most about you this month: Your creativity. We take down the Christmas tree and lights and you use them to decorate your room. things I never would think of doing, you do. It's not just the light either, you are creative and artistic naturally.

Bible Verse: 
Exodus 35:31-32: And he has filled him with the Spirit of God, with skill, with intelligence, with knowledge, and with all craftmanship, to devise artisti designs, to work with gold and silver and bronze,

Where I hope to see you grow: I would have to say this month with your ability to get along better with your brother. He adores you and it is obvious to everyone that you dont care to much for him at this phase in life. you push him away and make him fill unloved. I hope this changes soon and I am doing everything in my power to encourage you both to be more loving and tenderhearted toward each other. I know this is a season in both of your lives that will pass soon and I will be glad to see it end.

My Absolute 3 Favorite Thing We Did

1. Look at Christmas Lights: Yep, you went someplace with us! miracles do happen after all. tehe. Just kidding. We went to several different places this year, but i loved the Mesquite Christmas lights just because you actually let me take your photo with your brother and sister and you all looked happy! We had a good time, despite the fact it was shut down and it was cold as crud. We hung out for a while. you whacked at the hanging ornament balls they had strung up in the trees and you got to be the family photographer. That's how it works, if you are not in the picture, you are taking the pictures!
2. Early Christmas: OK we are kinda weird sometimes and we did Christmas opening about 2 weeks before Christmas. We roll like that sometimes! You got zombie movies from Drake, a big green chair from Delaney and I got you a paint ball gun, bullets, and you very first "What I Love About You" book. We still did Christmas at uncles house on Christmas day, but might as well play with what you got early. Christmas is not abou the gifts anyway, but about celebrating Christ's birth.
3. Playing with your paintball gun! Hey, if I cannot have my own, I am good with playing with yours. I am a horriable shot, but it is still fun to do. You on the other hand can hit just about anything you want. too.

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