Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Profoundly enlightening

One Glorious Ambition by Jane Kirkpatrick

Dorothea Dix wasn’t born into a charmed life, but she didn’t let it stop her from finding her God-given purpose. Inspired by Dorothea’s true story, One Glorious Ambition follows the life of a woman who fought for the rights of the mentally ill to give dignity and grace to these outcasts of society.

I found this book so fitting considering all that is going on in around the world involving our mentally ill. It still amazes me with how far we have managed to come in such a short course of time and still how much further we need to go to bring dignity, peace and hope to our mentally ill and improve the lives of those that suffer.  With several mentally ill people in my family this book was an inspiration to me. I had never heard of Dorthea Dix before and so thankful I was finally introduced to her and all her many accomplishments. This book is finely wrote and draws you in from page one to the end. The stories capture your heart and make you so thankful that we have a gracious God that cares about each of us. I would highly recommend this book to readers from Middle School through adult hood alike. As a homeschool mom I am always looking for new ways to teach my kids about our kids and we have incorporated this book into our learning on mental health reform.

Click here to download chapter one of One Glorious Ambition.
To learn more about Dorthea Dix and her life click here.
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