Friday, February 1, 2013

What I Love Most About Drake-Jan 2013

Special Days:  Tossing the frisbee, playing catch, studying Gods word

Favorite Stories: You can make up some tall tales thats for sure. My favorite ones though come in by song. Ever since your brother was little I would make up crazy little songs on a whim about whatever is going in llife, about our animals, fears, whatever. Lately you have been doing the same thing and its really cute. I hope it sticks with you and one day, far into the future, you do this with your kids as well.

Fabulous Photo:  To Come

Greatest Quotes:  " I am not tring to be bad!" This relates to the school topic. So many tears this month over school. I hate that I had to place you into public school, but sadly that is were life is at right now.

What has impressed me most about you this month: You finally said your AWANA bible verses!!! It has taken 3 months for us to get 2 verses straight inyour little mind and not wrap them up together. You know them both, but mixed the first part with the second part of the other verse and you were getting so frustrated with it we had to take a break from it. Finally though you said you were ready and you said both verses and we are off to the next one!! You did very well, for both vereses were long . The one you keep saying still though is John 3:16-17

Bible Verse: 

You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise.
(Deuteronomy 6:7 ESV)

Where I hope to see you grow: For 2 weeks straight this month I have seen bad marks on your card for school. Its always the same thing, Drake wont stop takling, he cannot sit still, he wont follow instructions. Part of this I know stems from your inability to do what is being asked of you. You are a little slower in picking things up then the other kids. You cannot write very well yet, although you are getting better. You do not know all 83 words, but more like 18. so its challenging for you and we are working on it. So when you cannnot do the assignment you are given you tend to want to be the clown instead and disrupt. We have had so many discussion on this and you have lost your Wii (your favorite thing), not been allowed to get movies, or eat in the living room and other punishments for not obeying in class. We are also working on getting those letters, numbers and words recognizable to you so you can do what is asked of oyu in class and not feel bad about yourself instead.

My Absolute 3 Favorite Thing We Did 
1. Front Yard Camping- yes we were the people with the huge tent set up inour front yard to camp in. You had such a great time though. Delaney and her friend, Montana stayed wtih you. You brought out your dog, Jack, your favorite blanket, your snacks, your DS, games and lots and lots of food and you were set for the night and into the next day. It was a blast.
2. Reading together- what can I say, I adore getting our reading books and hearing you read parts of the stroy to me. You do not know alot of words yet, but you arelearning and recongnizing more and more each week. Progress is slow, but its progress and I am very proud of what you are accomplishing.
3.  Church Nursery- Everyother month I work in the nursery at church and you always come in and help me take care of all the babies. You have your favorites and they have you as well. You love the Henderson's little boy, Andrew and you make him laugh and laugh, which is crazy cause he is  a fickel little boy and does not like to leave him mommy and daddy, but he adores you and your crazy noises and faces you make for him to keep him giggling. You have such a tender and sweeet heart.
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