Wednesday, March 27, 2013

March Green Madness

My March Madness Recap. This month has been packed full of wonderful things my family and I have done. It been a great educational opportunity wrapped up in a bundle of fun. Here is just a few of the things we managed to "learn" about this month.  

1. Green Shrimp: I don't know about you, but nothing says Happy March and Happy St. Patty's Day like
 some good ol fashion green shrimp. My eldest son made these, along with green eggs and ham (Yes, he thinks he is hysterical). My youngest on the other hand is not too sure what to to think. Once he figured out you can add food coloring to almost anything and it will change, we ate nothing but multicolored food till the excitement wore off. The sweet joys of food coloring, but hey it was a great introduction to the color wheel for him :)

2. Green body parts: We have been studying the human body for the last few months, so we thought it would be fun to do green hand prints and take the human heart drawings my daughter made earlier in the year and color them all in green.I will never look at the heart the same again.

3. Ireland: I love the little Scholastic handouts from My Weekly Reader and all my kids enjoy doing them, even if its just for fun. They are packed full of information about each Country and normally include a little recipe you can try out. My eldest made a huge pot of authentic Irish Potato Soup! it was delicious.
4. Rock Climbing: My kids learned the fundamentals of rock climbing this month. All about parlaying, weight distributions, hand eye coordination and so much more. Plus, they had a blast playing together and building their core muscles. It was win/win. They did not even mind my 1,000 and 1 questions I threw at them to make sure they were learning :)

5. Resurrection Eggs:  I love Easter. I love the the weather, the smell in the air, the lovely little easter outfits, the candy, the eggs, teh hunts, the phots...all of it, but what I love the most about Easter is knowing that we celebrate the Resurrection of our Saviour.It is something that I make sure we do not foget in the husel and bussel of having easter fun. Making sure everything we do and say point back to Christ for His glory and honor. So this is hte first year we have done Ressurection Eggs and we had a blast. you can read more about them on my past post by clciking the link.

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