Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wacko Academy by Faith Wilkins

About the Book: 

The authentic voice of a 14-year-old author dazzels readers with her debut novel that perfectly captures the travails of middle school life and one girl's adventure of a lifetime.

Winner of the Bronze Medal, Moonbeam award for authors under 18. You think your school is bad? Eighth grader Lily Mason has enough hassles dealing with siblings, cranky teachers and the cute new guy in school. But when she's kidnapped and brought to the elite Wackerson (Wacko) Academy, it will take all of her smarts and courage to outwit the school's treacherous owner - even if it means teaming up with his infuriating and unnecessarily handsome son. At once funny, harrowing and romantic, Wacko Academy is a book that will enthrall and entertain adult and young adult readers alike!

Wacko Academy is the first installment in a series. The sequel, Camp Wacko: The Drones of Summer, will be released in the fall of 2012.

My Review:

I adored this book. It was a fast read, but one that kept you entertained and engaged the whole time. I initially got this book for my 13 year old daughter, but I think I enjoyed it just as much as she did. Although the book was a fast read-took me 1 day and my daghter 3-it was not just a fluff book. Faith did an excellent job of being very descriptive with her charachters and situations wihtout going too detailed. I have read book were I am like come on already, I get it, stop describing it to me. There was not of that in this book. You could imagine exactly what places looked liked and the characteres and you were transported into the story. The characteres were well rounded and likeable. I would recommed this book for middle school straight through to adult, hey, I loved the book!

Age Range: Juvenile Fiction / Action & Adventure
                    Ages 10 to 16, Grades 4 to 8

About the Author:
Winner of the Bronze Medal, Moonbeam Award, for Authors under 18, Faith Wilkins has been writing poems and short stories since the age of seven. She loves music, plays the violin, and sings in a local choral group, Jubilate. Faith began writing Wacko Academy during the summer of seventh grade in a spiral notebook. She is currently a 15-year old high school student who lives with her mother and two brothers in New York's Hudson Valley.

Disclaimer: I received this book free of charge from Arundel Publishing in return for an honest review. The opinions expressed are my own.

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