Sunday, March 31, 2013

Weekly Journal Time

In my life this week… We have been dealing with sickness. Both my youngest son and I have been sick all week, so life has been moving at a snails pace. 

In our home school this week…Since we have been sick my daughter has pretty much been on her own. She is reading her own assignments and making sure her work is done. Of course, its not complete and we will have to go back over gaps, but she did her best and tried to leave me alone and just skip over things that were new that she did not understand.We are still in Rome, 2 months later we are half way through.

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share…This has been a great week for my daughter show herself she can accomplish her goals and work independently. Yes, she struggled through her work, but at the end of the week she felt pride that she could accomplish most of it on her own. She remembered to use the resources available to her. She googled, had her dictionaries out, got out the bible commentaries, looked at maps, used the sites I have booked marked for her, etc. This was really great since she will be starting 8th grade next year and working a little more independently.

 My favorite thing this week was…We snuggled and watched all the Bible stories again together since today is the last one. It was a great way for us to remember what Easter is all about, what Christ has done for us by dying on the cross and rising 3 days later. 

My kiddos favorite thing this week was…Games. I love making games for my kids to play. We play Mad Libs, Buzz Words, Some Body, Bible Trivia, I Spy, Matching Games, but my kids favorite game is Stories. We love to put a big pile of word cards in a bucket and each person draws five cards. Then we have to make up a story using those 5 cards. The youngest starts and makes up his story and then the next youngest etc, but they have to build off the previous story and the last person has to wrap up the whole story. We normally use our vocabulary words and word wall words in our bucket, but sometimes the kids want to add words of their own because they have a story they are aching to tell and need that card. It was a great game we could play that did not require us sickos to get up and run around. Plus, its also a great art project. Sometimes my daughter loves to take our story we made up and draw it out for us to remember it by.

Things I’m working on…Finding that  balance in my life. I am a single mom and work FT and homeschool at night. So making everything run together smoothly is always a challenge. Not allowing my self to get lazy and complacent, but get up and get the things done I know need tackled that day. That is when schedules come in handy.

I’m cooking…We are going vegetarian. So I am experimenting with cooking. Attempting to make complete meals to make sure we all get our proper nutrients without killing my food budget. The more indepth my kids get with the animal rescue programs, and groups the further away from eating meat we get.

I’m grateful for…My family. The gift of Gods salvation. Enduring grace that covers me daily.

I’m praying for…Struggling marriages. Children that have been abducted, are abused, mistreated, unloved. Those sold into sex trade.

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