Monday, March 4, 2013

What I love most about Drizzle Fizzle-Feb

Special Days:  rock climbing, bouncing, reading, bike riding

Favorite Stories: I love watching you grow up, or trying to. You wanted so bad to try and ride your bike like a big boy with no help from no one. You tried and tried to get on and get it go for you and I sat back, watching, waiting to see if you were going to make it. Finally after about 30 minutes, you asked me for my help. I ran up and down our road holding onot the bike of your bike and everytime you got confident you would say " I can do it on my own, I dont need help." I would let go and you would get it for about 10-30 seconds and thenI would have to grab ahold again and you would get so sad and frustrated that your sister can do it byherself, but you cannot. After about 40 minutes you were fed up and called it a day, but you did ride several times on your own and I could see how proud you were that you did not need my help for those few seconds. Soon you will be riding like the wind and this will all be a faint memory.

Fabulous Photo:  

Greatest Quotes:  " I can do it on my own, I dont need your help."

What has impressed me most about you this month: Your never give up attitude. You are a persistent littl eboogie woogie that is for sure. If you get it in your mind that you can do it, you hate asking for help from anyone and when you have to you are very annoyed and upset about it. This does have good points too. you love to help me with dishes, pick up with me, and mop with me...never on your own..only with someone as a helper! You definently need words of affirmation to fill you up.

Bible Verse:  "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Phillipians 4:13

Where I hope to see you grow: Although it is improving alot since last year, you still struggle to express yourself emotionally in positive ways. You get angry, snippy and nasty when you are hurting. Sadly , you get that horrible quality from me and i ve noticed that as I have improved, so have you. Hopefully we both will keep growing in this area and glorify God with the way we respond when we are hurting.

My Absolute 3 Favorite Thing We Did
1. Rock Climbing-First time for everyone and we had a blast. You made it all the way to the top climbing both on 1's and 2's..very cool. you loved hanging off the edge of the "cliff" and dangling in your harness. I was very impressed that you made it t the top of most everything you tried t oclimb! You are definently athletic. That part you get from your daddy.
2. JumpStreet- This indoor jumphouse was very neat. You got to play with your buddy Logan and you two were unstoppable. You climbed, jumped and ran around having the best time. I just sat back and watched you be a boy with your buddy. 2 hours later and you were both still going full blast not ready to stop, but momma was!
3. Reading/Cuddle Time- You are recognizing words that we have been practivcing all year in books finally! i was so excited when you started pointing out words and seeing how they work in sentences. So now when we read you love it when we sit and cuddle in my big chair and point to all the words as we read and I let you read all the words you know in the story. You love reading to me and it puts this huge smile of accomplishment on your face.
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