Thursday, March 28, 2013

What I Love Most About My Drake Bake-March

Special Days: Tooth Fairy, Birthdays, Stepping Back into Time

Favorite Stories:
You lost your first 2 teeth this month. Back to back with a week of each other. You wiggled them and wiggled them till they finally gave into your will and came on out. Your daddy got to pull the first one and I got the 2nd one. I have never seen you look so proud as you did when I got home and you showed me your first missing tooth. You did not cry and that made you even more proud of yourself. My big, strong little man! You were fine with the whole tooth fairy business up till your dad told you your tooth fairy would be a boy. you melted down and he could not figure out why. Well, you did not want a boy tooth fairy to see you in your underwear, but a girl one was ok. i made sure you knew that you would get a girl tooth fairy, then you were fine.Your dad on the other hand was bewildered.

Fabulous Photo:  Your missing teeth of course! Duh

Greatest Quotes:  "If you do this one thing for us, we will leave you alone for the rest of your life." This was in reference to putting up our pool in the 50 degree weather so you and your sister could swim. As cure as it was, the pool did not go up.

What has impressed me most about you this month: How many words you are learning to read! It has taken us a very long time to get some words into that vocabulary of yours, but finally, by Gods grace alone, you recognize words as you read! It takes you a while to catch on to new concepts, but when you do you get on a roll. Now you are spelling words all day asking what they say and then when you see them again you tell us all about it. I love seeing the glow in your eyes and how proud you are that you are learning to read onyour own!

Bible Verse:  
Galatians 6:9 And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.

Where I hope to see you grow:
Emotions. Yep, you see this one all the time. you struggle greatly with expressing yourself when your emotions run high. We have tried several techniques and are still trying. I will say they are getting better. You handle appointment's a little bit better, but you still slam doors, cry uncontrollably and just loose it. Especially when you feel let down or dont get your proper mommy alone time with no and I do mean NO interruptions, otherwise you freak out. We will keep working on it together and keep praying about it and I know with Gods strength you wll get this whipped in no time.

My Favorite Things We Did This Month:

1. Teeth: yep, you read right, teeth. Why? You lost your very first tooth this month! Actually you lost 2teeth this month. First your bottom left tooth, then the very next week your top right tooth! You got a total of $7 from the tooth fairy for both teeth! You were so stoked it was great to watch. So obviously those are my favorite pics up top for the month. The first one and the 2nd one, both showing how my little man is not so little anymore. Alas growing :(
2. Jump Street: We had a blast, hoping around supporting Our Calling, having a blast. We and your buddy Logan ran around like lunatics jumping on everything in site., I barley got to see you. It makes my favorite list though cause I love watching you have fun and enjoying being a kid with your friend.
3. Birthdays! Lots of birthdays this month we got to celebrate together. There was mine, your grandmothers, Matthew's, and Uncle Chunky Rays. can you say CAKE! Oh yea, you ate tons of cake for sure and had a good time hanging out with family celebrating their births. You even got me some really great pajamas to sleep in :)
4. Bible: I adore watching the Hx channel Bible with you and your sister. You get out your bible and follow along with me as the program progressing, looking for accuracy, things left you we wanted included and you ask tons of questions. It has been such a great way for us to bond and for Gods word to be captured on your heart further.
5. Dallas Heritage Village: We had such a blast spending St. Pattys Day here at the DHV exploring. you love having the opportunity to go into the church and preach. I took video and cracked up at how cute you are giving your "sermon:" while Delaney and Montana played music and other kids obeyed you! The parents were cracking up as well. It was a really cute moment.You had us take our bibles out, you talked of hell and sin and living right and not for the Devil or we will burn, burn, burn! You slammed your little fist down and all. I had to wonder if this is how you see our preacher. it was really adorable.

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