Thursday, April 11, 2013

Giddy-Up, Daddy! by Troy Cummings

About the Book:
Giddy-Up, Daddy! is the newest imaginative picture book from celebrated cartoonist Troy Cummings. When rootin'-tootin' Daddy the "horse" is eyeballed by some rotten rustlers, it's all the kids can do to keep him out of the big lugs' lasso. What follows is a quick detour through a rodeo, a trip across a circus high wire, and a near-miss in the Rockies, till the kids don Mounty gear and capture the bad guys for good. A celebratory parade at sundown leads the kids and Daddy back home into Mom's waiting arms.

My Review:

Adorable, wild adventure book for kids. Loved how the Dad could be lead away by food; simply too cute. Combine that with the dad’s shoes are shaped like real horse shoes and you cannot help but laugh your way through this story.  The book is a little dark in a couple of places, giving the element of evil lurking, but it was not bad. Illustrations are fabulous-bold and simple and cracked us both up. Loved that I could get my globe out for this book and show kids locations such as Canada in proximity to us. Just another good learning opportunity of some geography :)

This is an original idea, presented with clarity, with humor and interest. I would recommend this book to anyone with kids ages 3-7

About the Author
TROY CUMMINGS has been drawing and writing since he was just a small cowboy. His illustrations have appeared in newspapers and magazines, on Web sites, on frozen-fish-stick packages, and in hospital waiting rooms. This is his third picture book. He lives in Greencastle, Indiana, with his cat and his family.

Author Residence: Greencastle, IN

Disclaimer: I received this book curtsey of Edelweiss by Random House, in exchange for my honest review and opinion.The opinions expressed here are my own.
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