Thursday, April 4, 2013

Icky Ricky #1: Toilet Paper Mummy by Michael Rex

Icky Ricky #1: Toilet Paper Mummy by Michael Rex, Michael Rex (Illustrated by) 

About the Book
The creator of Goodnight Goon and The Runaway Mummy pulls from his mad-scientist brain a kid so attracted to slime, muck, dirt, and yuck he could only be called Icky Ricky.

Uh-oh! Icky Ricky is in trouble and has a lot of explaining to do. Why? Well, you see...

He did his homework on cheese slices, but got hungry and ate them.
He had his friends over for a sleepover...on the bedroom ceiling.
Harry, Icky Ricky's favorite hot dog, just landed in his dad's toolbox.
The town bully, Mean Dean, is looking to pound whoever lost his remote-controlled car. Was is Icky Ricky?

Icky Ricky is up to his eyebrows in mayhem-and in ick!

"Hits the gross-out sweet spot."-Kirkus"I thoroughly enjoyed these books, and I look forward to more icky adventures from young Ricky."-Nick Bruel, author of Bad Kitty

Series Overview: Icky Ricky is launching with two books in 2013 and a third book follows in 2014. We'll publish up to two books a year. 

My Review

A creative book, with wonderful illustrations and a hysterical story line to boot that is perfect for younger kids.  I love a book when the illustrations tell a story as a standalone. They made me laugh, cringe and roll my eyes.  A little gross at times, but I think that is what my kids liked about it.  When I first go the book my son flipped through the pages and told me the story based solely on the illustrations, only then could I read it to him.
The characters are well developed, although silly. They remind me of typical boys exploring everything they can get their hands on and making messes as they go collecting and inventing. My son got a giggle out of the fact the boys whole world seems to revolve around food, mainly pizza, to the point they want to bring it to the "afterlife" as the Egyptians did, going so far to hold a funeral for their beloved food.
There are several stories in this beloved book broken down by chapters that are pretty darn funny. You have to keep in mind the age group the book is wrote for to really appreciate it. The book has some really great adjectives utilized and vocabulary building opportunities as well, such as repurposing.
I would recommend this book to anyone with young kids who adore "mud, earwax, sludge, boogers and other gross things".
About the Author

Writer-illustrator MICHAEL REX has made his mark on the kids book industry with New York Times bestselling picture book parodies like Goodnight Goon and The Runaway Mummy, graphic novels like Fangbone! Third-Grade Barbarian, and with an appearance on Donald Trump's The Celebrity Apprentice.

Disclaimer: I received this book curtsey of Edelweiss by Random House, in exchange for my honest review and opinion.The opinions expressed here are my own.
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