Thursday, April 11, 2013


This next 6 weeks I will be studying opposites with my youngest son. I have included a a small list of the words we will be working on over the next few weeks. Since my son is a visual and Kinesthetic learner I plan to as many physical objects and role playing as possible for him to grasp the concepts of opposites. For example in the word set above-below and inside-outside;  I will let him make a tent in the living room and place things inside the tent. We can use this as a visual expamle of both word sets and play games naming objects that are above/below and inside/outside. another example is with capture/release. Our dogs sleep in a crate sometimes so that is a perfect example of a "captured" animal and a "released" animal that is free to roam.

I also found some great You-Tube videos that illustrate opposites. Not all my words have videos for them, but a good portion did! This is great for that visual aspect my little man has :

Words in Primary Set:

above ↔ below
before ↔ after
big ↔ little
blunt ↔ sharp
bold ↔ timid
dawn ↔ dusk
dull ↔ shiny
early ↔ late
fast ↔ slow
few ↔ many
for ↔ against
freeze ↔ thaw
full ↔ empty
happy ↔ sad
in ↔ out
increase ↔ decrease
left ↔ right
light ↔ dark
more ↔ less
short ↔ long
smile ↔ frown
smooth ↔ rough
soft ↔ hard
up ↔ down
wide ↔ narrow

Words in Intermediate Set:

ascend ↔ descend
captivity ↔ liberty
capture ↔ release
clear ↔ murky
complex ↔ simple
construct ↔ demolish
contract ↔ expand
deposit ↔ withdraw
efficient ↔ disorganized
extinguish ↔ ignite
frequent ↔ seldom
include ↔ exclude
knowledge ↔ignorance
lethargic ↔ exuberant
observant ↔ oblivious
occupied ↔ vacant
plentiful ↔ scarce
powerful ↔ feeble
rare ↔ ordinary
reduce ↔ gain
scatter ↔ collect
sequential ↔ random
sorrow ↔ joy
transparent ↔ opaque
vintage ↔ modern
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