Thursday, May 2, 2013

Innovators and Inventors

May is National Inventors month and to celebrate we decided to pay tribute to some of the greatest inventors and innovators of history. The world is full of wonderful and fabulous innovators that have made our lives more comfortable. From great math legends,  to people who inevented the pencil, the toliet, the light bulb, paper, pens, telephone, sodas, washing machine, television, money....

Yet, not all these famous inventors went to the traditional public schools. In fact many of them were homeschooled! amazing right, parents teaching their kids and being successful at it without a teachers degree! (dripping sarcasm-just in case you missed it)

Here are a few famous home educated inventors. Maybe you have heard of one or two of them :)

Alexander Graham Bell
invented the telephone 

John Moses Browning
firearms inventor/designer
Peter Cooper
built the first modern skyscraper, the first commercial locomotive, and patented the first gelatin dessert which was later named Jell-O 

Thomas Edison
invented the stock ticker, mimeograph, phonograph, and electric light bulb  

Benjamin Franklin
invented the lightning rod  

Elias Howe
invented sewing machine
William Lear
airplane creator

Cyrus McCormick 
invented grain reaper
Guglielmo Marconi
developed radio
Eli Whitney
invented the cotton gin 

Sir Frank Whittle
invented turbo jet engine
Orville and Wilbur Wright
brothers who built the first successful airplane

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Time Line of Inventions:
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