Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mothers Day Crafts

With Mother's Day right around the corner (May 12th) I though now would be a good time to start posting some great craft ideas that are inexpensive and easy for the whole family that any mom would love. Of  course, we love any thing our kids make for us, but ideas are always welcomed too :)

If your mom is like me you have recipes kinda laying all over the place that your mom searches for when you want to make something. This neat little recipe box will let your mom keep all her famous and fabulous recipes in one spot. Best of all it will be made by her wonderful children. So its win-win. Your mom can store all of her favorite recipe cards neatly in this pretty container.

#1: Recipe Box 

What you’ll need to make Mothers Day Recipe Box:

  • 2 sheets green (or other color) felt
  • 1 sheet dark green (or other color) felt
  • Scissors
  • White craft glue
  • Glue stick
  • Empty tissue box, shoe box or other cardboard box

How to make Mothers Day Recipe Box:

  1. Trim top flaps off of cardboard box.
  2. Cover box, inside and out, with purple felt. Use the glue stick for most of the application, secure seams and ends with white craft glue.
  3. From the dark purple felt, cut 4 long strips about 1” wide.
  4. Trim sides of each dark purple strip to add curves, or you can cut with decorative scissors to give them a scalloped look.
  5. Glue strips onto each corner to cover any seams.
  6. Cut out a pretty picture from an old greeting card or choose a piece of clip art and print it on card stock. Glue the picture to the front of the box.
  7. Cut out small hearts from the greeting card and glue them onto the front of the box for further decoration.


  • To minimize visible seems, start gluing your felt from the inside bottom of the box and work your way out toward the back of the box. Repeat this process for the front as well.
  • You can find plenty of free clipart on the internet by doing a search on “food clip art” or “recipe clip art”. Choose whatever phrase fits your needs. Check the sites rules on using clip art, though most allow you to use it for personal purposes.
#2 Foam Puzzle Card Craft for Mother's Day

Foam Sheets
Sharpie Multi-Colored Permanent Fine-Tip Markers

How to Make the Foam Puzzle Card:
1. Cut the piece of foam the size you would like the card.
2. Draw a picture on the foam card and add a message.
3. Cut the card into puzzle shapes and place them in an envelope.

 #3 Book Marks
I am an advent reader so book marks are always a good idea for me.

What you need:

1 Pick out color of foam you wish to use
2. Select shape and cut
3. Decide on message to write and location to place
4. Decorate- us egliter, stickets, hand print etc
5. Add a bow or string to top. .

 #4 Monogram "M"
Monogram for Mom Mom will love this special monogram that she can display anywhere. First, purchase a wooden letter (available at crafts stores) of her first initial or "M" for Mom. Kids can easily paint it with her favorite color and embellish it with multicolor buttons, patterned ribbon, and strips of paper.

#6Mother's Day Jar

Mother's Day Gift Jar
Mother's Day Gift Jar Make Mom feel extra special on Mother's Day with this "I Love You" jar. Cut 1-inch-wide strips of colorful or patterned paper and write a reason you love her on each strip. Bend the ends of the strip together to make little rings with the message on the inside. Fasten the ends together with stickers, and place them in a glass jar. Make a label for the front of the jar

#5Fabric Hand Prints/Frame

kids craft hand print tutorial

This is what we made in preschool this year for Mother's Day, (I got the idea here) but I think it would make a great birthday gift for grandma, grandpa, favorite cousin, dad, teacher appreciation day, church activity, or doll up your kids bedroom, etc. It's quick, easy, and most of all cheap.

I let my kids pick their favorite color of fabric, then I traced their hand using a pen on the wrong side of the fabric & cut it out.

I printed their name & the year on a piece of card stock somewhere near the center and used the Plexiglas or glass (that came with the frame) and a pencil to create the template.

Next I used spray starch to make the hand lay nice and flat.

Then I used spray glue to mount it to my card stock. I sprayed the wrong side of the fabric on a separate piece of scrap paper, first. Then picked it up & centered it where I wanted it on the card stock just above the name & year.

This is how it looks mounted to the card stock. You can see my penciled lines where I will cut out.

I reassembled the frame and placed the hand inside. I got this particular frame at Ikea, they are sold in a set of 2 for $2.99. Then I torn strips of fabric and stapled them to the back of the frame to use as a hanger.

They turned out so cute. One of the moms called to find out how to make one for her other kids. You could also use cute scrapbook paper & ribbon.

#6: Picture Candle
Candle-the more colorful the better
pictures of kids you dont mind being cut up

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