Thursday, May 2, 2013

What I Love Most About My Drizzle Fizle-April

Special Days...Wii games, wrestling, baseball, friends, Scarbrough Fair and Cub Scouts

Bible Verse...“Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you”.
1 Peter 5:7 (NLT)

Favorite Story..
I think my favorite thing you have done this month was loose three teeth pretty much back to back. All front teeth-top and bottom. But what was cute about it was that you normally sleep in just your underwear at night. You started crying hystercally and when I went to find out why it was becuase your daddy told you the tooth fairy was a boy and you did not want a boy to see you in your underwear, you wanted a girl tooth fairy. So I let you know the tooth fairy that saw you was definently a girl tooth fairy so not to worry and then you were fine. It as very adorable. For some reason it was ok for the girl to see you that way, but under no circumstance was a boy tooth fairy getting in the room.
Favorite Quote...
" Don't worry mommy, your beautiful too." I don't even remeber what this was in response to anymore, but it was so darn cute it stuck with me. I remeber you patting my arm and looking so seriously at me, but I cannot remeber why you said it. Either wya, its my favorite Draky Bakey Quote of the month.

Fabulous Photo... 

What has impressed me most about you this month...You are getting control of your temper! I though this day would never come. Your fits have decreased and the way you speak is improving greatly. Very seldom do I hear you go screaming down the hall and slamming your door and crying at the top of your lungs! 6 years was a long time!! You have gotten so much better at stopping and talking about how you are feeling, even if you do tell the story very upset, you at  least are getting there. Slow and steady progress. Momma loves it.

Where I hope to see you grow...In your prayers. You are a humble and heartfelt prayer. You talk to God like he is your best friend and I hope that never changes for you. You tell him jokes, you talk about your day, you get mad at him. All the things that He wants us to do that as we get older we sometimes forget.

My favorite things we did this month...

1.Cub Scouts- You registered for your first Cub Scouts this month and you are going to be adorable! I cannot wait to get you in your little uniform and help you out with your service projects and all other scouting adventures. You are in Pack 595.
2. Scarborough Fair:  You got learn how to make paper from scratch, operating a printing press, ride camels, eat lots of great food and watch tons of fantastic entertainers and story tellers. You got to see lots of mythical creatures as well as ride some fabulous rides. You even eneded up leaving with pirate gear to wear about the house.
3. Hockey Games: We love going to watch the Stars dominate the ice and you have the best time yelling and clapping and getting onto the players. You hate the fights that break out and think they need to go to time out (so cute), but you have a love for sports and get really engaged. 

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