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Ripples Along the Shore by Mona Hodgson

About the Book: 
Caroline Milburn's husband didn't return from the Civil War. She moved to St. Charles to live with her sister's family, but thinks it's time to come up for a change. She was a school teacher before she married and California is advertising for teachers. Buddy Cowlishaw worked as a scout on two wagon trains before the war. He hadn't planned to go west again but receives a generous request that he command a caravan of wagons going west from St. Charles. When Caroline decides to apply for a teaching job in California; she attends a meeting chaired by a wagon train master and is dismayed to discover he doesn't allow single women-widows included-to join the train. Can she convince him that God's plan is bigger than his fears?

Story Locale: St. Charles, MO, 1866 

My Review: 

War widow Caroline Milburn arrives back in St Charles, Missouri not really wanting to return to her sister's home. Yet for a widow, there's not much else for her. She enjoys her friends in the quilting circle, but her heart longs to start over. Former Confederate officer, Garrett Cowlishaw, has captured her attention. Especially since he's leading a wagon train west. Caroline longs to be a part of the train heading west, but it seems impossible for a woman alone. Will she get her fresh start?

Ripples Along the Shore by Mona Hodgson  is the third novella in the Quilted Hearts Series and I was happy to be able to read it since I enjoyed the others.  What I did not like about the book was the way it seemed to end so abruptly, almost as if the romance was a "oh, I forgot to include this" write in job. It really left me with a bad taste for the whole book because of how fast it ended. The other thing I did not greatly enjoy about this book is that it cannot stand easily on its own. To really know the characters and the story for this book you needed the other 2 to support it.
What I did enjoy about this book was finally seeing who was going to be heading west on the wagons and who would stay behind. Something I had been looking forward to since starting this series by Mona. The characters are of course likeable and well rounded. You find yourself drawn into their story and their past troubles, worries, etc. I loved the message Mona included in her book of how God is making Quilts in our lives, patching things together for us into something beautiful.

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About the Author:
MONA HODGSON is the author of Two Brides Too Many, Too Rich for a Bride, and The Bride Wore Blue. Mona's writing credits also include nearly thirty children's books, including Real Girls of the Bible: A Devotional, Bedtime in the Southwest, and The Princess Twins and the Tea Party. One of Mona's favorite things to do, besides writing or eating dark chocolate, is to speak at women's retreats and conferences. Mona lives in Arizona with her husband, Bob.

Author Residence: Cottonwood, AZ
Disclaimer: I received this book for free from Waterbrook Multnomah's Blogging for Books program for the purpose of reviewing. I was not required to write a positive review, only to express my thoughts and opinions, which I have done. My thoughts and opinions are my own.

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