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Sin of Forgiveness

About the Book: 
Book Information: Publisher: CrossLink Publishing (2013) ISBN:  9781936746354 Page Count: 168

 Today’s “forgiveness” does just the opposite of what forgiveness is meant to accomplish – put another way, secular forgiveness causes more harm than good. The one forgiving is never made whole again, while the sinner is left in the same wretched condition. But true Christian forgiveness brings a blessing to all. We are to forgive, but it must be according to the example and teachings of Christ. Anything less is a sin.

My Review:

This book gave me some mixed feelings while I was reading it, so much so I found my self reading many chapters 2-3 times just to make sure I really understood what the author was trying to convey. His message is not theologically sound and is severely lacking the spirit of love that Christ  was about, but I understand what he is attempting to say. There is nothing wrong with letting the Bible speak for itself, as it should,  but he quotes too much of it without expounding on the passages in order to make it clear how and why he is citing them, making his technique seems unorganized and rhetorical at best.  

Although I agree that the person seeking forgiveness should repent first, I don't feel its a necessity to forgive them. To restore the relationship, yes, but not to forgive. I have  often see others as well as  myself say “I’m sorry" or " I'm sorry, forgive me?” but either didn’t truly mean it or keep living/acting the exact same way and it is heartbreaking. I feel this is the point Mrkvicka is trying to show that we are aiding Satan by not really fighting against his hidden “tolerate other’s differences” mindset that the secular world would have us believe we need to do so that peace and love may endure. When we don’t fight against darkness, we are aiding and embedding it, thus sinning through forgiving the unrepentant at heart and minimizing what Christ has done for us. Although I still feel we are called as believers to forgive even if someone does not repent so Satan cannot use that as a strong hold against us in our lives I still believe that not forgiving someone hardens your heart, turns you bitter and cold  and then your prayers will not be heard by God. You squelch the spirit in you by holding onto wrongs people do to you.Yes, I believe we should be 100% unapologetic and unwavering in Gods law, but we are called to love with grace and mercy in our hearts and I feel the author is ignoring this aspect of Christian life.
I would not recommend this book. The message is not theologically sound and lacks the true spirit of love we are to have as believers in Christ. Also, it contains both spelling and homonym errors, and is full of contradictions, and inconsistencies.

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Edward F. Mrkvicka, Jr.About the Author:
Edward Mrkvicka is a lay minister and counselor, and life-long Bible student. His religious writings have been awarded Best Christian Book of the Year, Best Christian Study of the Year, named a National Best Book Awards finalist, and a winner in the Christian Choice Book Awards. He has also been awarded the prestigious Faith Writers Seal of Approval. His efforts on behalf of families, understanding adultery, and the devastating effect of divorce on children have earned him a United States Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition.

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