Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What I Love Most About Drake-June

Favorite Quote: " I can drive by myself, you don't have to help me!" This was in response to you driving grandpa's golf carts around his farm. All the other kids got to do it without sitting on momma's lap or having her hold the wheel and you wanted to do the same thing, including operating the pedals!! So we made a deal and I sat next to you and operated the pedals and let you hold the wheel while we were going straight.
What has impressed me most about you this month: How big of a boy you are growing into. You are getting so independent it breaks my heart at times. You pick out your own clothes, get your self dressed, make your own sandwiches, and so much more. You pick up after yourself without making too big of a fuss, you help with cleaning the house. I sometimes miss my little Drakie Bakey days but I know I have to let you grow and become the man God has designed you to be, but it is so darn hard sometimes to watch you ever so gradually push me out of your life in subtle ways that you will never need me for again. My baby is growing up on me
Favorite Photo: You driving the golf cart!
Scripture Verse: Proverbs 22:6 "Train up a child in the way he should go,
And when he is old he will not depart from it."
Where I hope to see you grow: I have adored watching you learn bible verses and help all the little "babies" in church and talk to your friends about Jesus and pray for the unbelievers, including your older brother. My hope is that you continue to build that relationship and rely on God for your strength and security in life. It warms my hear to hear you pray when you are missing your daddy, sister and brother and asking God to care for them and not let them miss you as you miss them. Your words are so true and innocent and I hope they stay that way.

Favorite thing we are doing this month:

1. Minnesota Trip: We went to our annual family reunion this year and we had a blast visiting with family and hanging out together with your grandparents on their farm. You got to see lots of sites such as Paul Bunyan and Old Blue, the Headwaters of the Mississippi, Itasca State Park, and we even visited the Mall of America again were you got to see Dora the Explorer, Blue's Clue's, Sponge Bob and other fantastic cartoon people that you love. We had a wonderful 8 days of relaxation and bonding.

2. Rangers Game: I adore taking you to the baseball games. You get so into them and excited and angry its a joy to watch. You know the great Take Me Out To The Ballgame song and sing along, you dance, you chant, you stomp your feet and do the wave. You just have a really good time. You also ask LOTS of baseball questions, so its always fun when your Uncle Shane tags along to help me field all the 20 questions you fire off each inning as the game goes by. We have yet to catch a baseball, but who knows maybe this season is our lucky one!

3. Hanging out: We did lots of just hanging out around the house. We played card games galore, watched movies, threw every type of ball imaginable around, swam, played board games and just enjoyed being around each other. These are my favorite times when I can just cuddle with you and do simple things. Maybe because I know how fast they are going to slip by us and I want to cling to them now so it will be easier later on to let go when you need me too :( Sad times are coming.

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