Tuesday, August 6, 2013

What I Love Most About Drake-July

Favorite Quote: " I can ride it." You wanted so bad to ride the Super Man, the new swings and every other roller coaster in the park. It was adorable.

What has impressed me most about you this month: How grown up you are becoming. My little man has lost 3 teeth, riding his bike, getting himself dressed without complaining, and riding roller coasters! Slow down. There is not rush to grow up buddy. Yet, you still have this very kind and sweet heart towards others. You have a love for the Lord that amazes me and you pray like you and Jesus are best o buds hanging out talking. Its actually inspiring to me.
Favorite Photo:

Scripture Verse: Psalm 119:165 (net)
"Those who love your law are completely secure; nothing causes them to stumble"
I picked this verse for you because of your love for the word of God. You are constantly asking me questions about what the Bible says  or questions that make me dig in the word for answers. I stand amazed at how much you desire to know truth and were you know to get it!
Where I hope to see you grow: Your ability to get along with your sister for more than 30 minutes! The house is calm and quite till you to get together then BAM! chaos. It never ceases to amaze me how you can have such a devoted love for your sister when you 2 fight so much. Yet when she is gone you cry for her, pray for her, call her and cannot wait for her to get back. Then 20 minutes later you guys are at each others throats. I hope to see you both grow in respecting each others boundaries and listening to one another. You both lack greatly in this area, but just with one another.
Favorite thing we are doing this month:

1. Rangers Game: About 70 people from our church all went to the Rangers game this month against the Baltimore Oriels. We lost, but that was ok. You had your buddies up there (Logan, Jessy, AJ, Aubrey) and you had a blast talking with them about the game, playing with pillow cases on your heads, did I mention it was pillowcase night? You hammed it up and had a great time. Ate nachos, lemon chills and drake soda and stayed up way past your bedtime. It was a great night, with just me and my little man.

2. Six Flags: You rode every ride you were tall enough to ride with your hands in the air the whole time. You had the time of your life. You were so brave it amazed me. You rode rides that went backwards, sideways and even rode the Conquistador ship with your hands in the air and a smile on your face!  I was blown away. Last year you would not ride half of those rides and this year you went with no fear at all. I fear I have an adrenaline junky on my hands.

3. Roller Blades: Oh yes, you got your first pair of roller blades and you have been in them non stop. Inside the house, outside the house, you simply don't care as long as you are skating. You are getting pretty good on them too. I find it funny that you have a hard time at all on them since you can ice skate and roller skate, but hey to each their own. Your having fun, getting some exercise and its fun to just sit back and watch you or walk along beside you as you hold onto me.

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