Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fiery Secrets

Stephanie McCall-Hope Springs Books-382 pp.-Romantic Suspense-Amazon Purchase
Trade Paperback Retail $14.99 ISBN 978-1-938708-16-9
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Category: Christian / Fiction / Romantic Suspense

When it comes to trial, God either spares you from it totally, asks you to walk through it, or delivers you from it by taking you to Heaven. Dr. Grace Taylor, a driven pediatrician and single mom, needs divine intervention if she’s going to heal from the actions of her cheating, abusive ex-husband. But she never thought God would work through Chris Anderson, a tutor at the local learning center whose secrets keep him from opening up to her. Both Grace and Chris have been asked to walk through their trial by fire; they’ve come out alive, but they still smell like smoke. Despite fears and distrust, love begins to take root in their hearts. But their fiery secrets threaten to keep them apart, and blister their souls.

My Review:

This was an interesting read for me.  It touches on some touchy subjects for Christians and unbelievers alike. You have alot of different subjects matters going on here from adultery, alcoholism, drug addiction, abuse-physical and mental, violence and at the root of it all is Gods grace, mercy and plan for our lives. There is the not so subtle  theme of reliance upon Christ to get you through your trials. I really enjoyed the depths of the characters and watching them grow. I did fins myself frustrated at times thought with the way the characters had such a negative downtrodden view of themselves, forgetting Gods grace for themselves that they so willingly extended to others. The struggles they go through and how they deal with them is so much like real life that you cannot help but feel and bond with them wanting to reach out and offer encouragement.

Now for what I did not like. I was not fond of the cover of the book at all. It seemed very 80's ish to me and I had a hard time getting past that. It dated the book and I fear that may keep alot of people from wanting to pick it up and read it. I am bad about scanning book covers if I am searching for a new author to read and sadly this one would have gotten passed over and I would have missed a really great book.

Overall this is a wonderfully wrote Christian romance with some great intrigue thrown into the mix. It keeps a stead Christian worldview and the message is uplifting and challenging to your faith. It is definitely a book that will help you grow in understanding of the debts pf Gods grace. I can easily recommend this book to anyone about age 16.

    About the Author

    Stephanie McCall is an English teacher with two Master of Arts degrees from Western Carolina University, one of which has a professional writing concentration. She also has a B.A. in Religious Studies. She lives in North Carolina with her parents and younger brother, where she enjoys reading, writing (and discussing her writing), and participating in Bible studies, prison ministry, and her church's drama team. She also plans to adopt a cat in the near future. Her favorite Scripture is Jeremiah 29:11.
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