Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Day 13: What I am Thankful For....

Homeschool Freedom: The right to educate my kids how i see fit, with the curriculum of my choosing, study methods that work for them alone and no one standing over my shoulder waiting for me to mess up. I love schooling my kids. Playing games, story time, bible study, field trips, bonding-real life learning. We learn more from real life than we ever will from textbooks. My kids are all hands on, visual learners so spending hours sitting and staring at a teacher and textbook does not help them or engage them one bit. They need that one on one contact, those visual demonstrations followed up with hands on work while I gently correct and motivate them to do it on their own. More than anything I love spending that extra time with my family, building relationships that will endure and pouring truth into their lives. Homeschooling Rocks.

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