Friday, November 15, 2013

Day 15: What I am Thankful For....

My church. No, I do not get along with everyone. No,I do not always agree with their stance. Yes, we have had issues. Yes, we have little clicks, gossipers, and non-believers that attend. More than that though I know truth is being preached from the word of God. I know what is said is Biblical sound and the doctrine is taken seriously. I know that the majority of people truly love and care for each other. I know I can voice my concerns,opinions and struggles and not be judged, but be heard. I know we are a church that is the body of Christ in deed and word. We care about our community, peoples lives, and their walk with the Lord. They pray, feed, meet needs of those that are in dire straights. My church is my Christian family and they love me and my kids as we love them. I am every thankful for that.

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