Friday, November 1, 2013

What I Love Most About Drake-October

Favorite Quote: Pretty much anything you have said this month has been a mimic of your sister. From "yolo" to "firetruck" to "smootch" to going around screaming out "pewdiepie" all the time. You are walking and talking little mini version of your sister. 

What has impressed me most about you this month: You are a very outgoing little boy so I dont know why this always amazes me, but this month we went and did evangelism at the Mesquite Rodeo during their Family Fun Fest. We had gospel tracks we were handing out and asking if anyone would like prayer. You were out there like a little maniac giving the tracks to anyone who would take them and stopping and grabbing their hands and praying for them, even if they did not want it. I dont think you even asked. It was so adorable and heart warming to see what a great love of the Lord you have and how eager you are to spread that love and His message. I hope and pray that stays with you always.

Favorite Photo:
What happens when teenagers watch your kid

You learning to Olly

You and James

Scripture Verse: John 3:16 (because you go around the house saying this all the time and its so adorable)

" For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life."

Where I hope to see you grow:  You are doing an amazing job learning to control your temper and express yourself in healthier ways. I just want to see you keeping on improving in that area of your life. You temper tantrums are less often and shorter when they come. You are learning to pick up after yourself without a meltdown and just overall happier and more self controlled.

Favorite thing we are doing this month:

1. ) Fright Fest-My poor little man got scared to death both times we went here. You tried to be so brave, but it was not meant to be. You loved the rides and really loved getting to go through the haunted maze in Loony Tune Land filled with all the loony tunes characters dressed up in costumes. All in all you had a really great time.

2.)  Your 7th Birthday! You got an awesome cake, great friends, and a super cool roller skating party this year. You had a blast and spent literally 6 hours roller skating. Momma could not hang. You played roller skating tag with the whole place until we had to leave for Kristians baseball game. This years theme was Super Heros

3. Baseball- You finished up your Red Sox season this month and since it was your first year of coach pitch I dont think your team did that bad. You won 5-12 games and you game in 7th place out of 13 teams. More importantly you had a great time playing and are learning to follow your coach's directions and you are developing a deeper love for one of the greatest games in America! Plus, you played for the Red Sox and at the same time the Red Sox were in the World Series. Red Sox won and we watched all the games together and afterwords you would play baseball on your Wii U as the Sox,  so that was neat.

4. Skateboarding: Both of your brothers have been teaching you to skateboard. Right now you are trying to learn to Olly. Matthew gave you a long board and a short board to practice on and I take you all to the skating park so you can practice your "tricks". You have no fear. You try and drop in on the half pipe and you want to grid the rail and trying your kick moves. Its way to cute to watch you three out there.

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