Monday, December 23, 2013

New Years Snack List Countdown

Looking for some neat ideas to kick off your New Year?How about trying out a New Year Snack Countdown.I started this with my kids 2 years ago and they adore preparing for this.The idea is simple, make a new snack for each hour leading up to the stroke of midnight. We start at dinner time around 6pm and keep going.Here was our last year snack countdown: 

Print Sized Baker

6 PM- Frosted Flag Cupcakes-the kids made cupcakes and then decorated them to look like the American Flag
7 PM- Time Clock Cookies- Cookies shaped to look like clocks. We got this idea from Pint Sized Baker
8 PM-Cheese and crackers-simple but the kids love them still. We make fun shapes out of the cheese such as stars, half moons,flags,etc.
9 PM- New Year pie-My kids are not big cake eaters so they substitute for pie and write Happy New Year
10PM- Spinach dip and chips. We make our own chips at the house so the kids normally will add food coloring and attempt to make them different colors.

Marshmallow Countdown11 PM- Marshmallow countdown sticks- you place 5 marshmallows in a skewer stick and with edible ink mark on the top one 10,9 and the next one 8,7 and on and on till the last one says 1.We do this with the count clock down for New Year and then finish up with the midnight snack.
Midnight- Champagne juice and mini pizza's the kids made to look like fireworks and flags. 

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