Monday, December 2, 2013

What I Love Most About Delaney-November

Favorite Quote: "Your too old to say that." I don't even remember what I said, but I do remember is was a saying from my day that has become popular again and I simply-according to you at least-am too uncool to say such things in your presence.

What has impressed me most about you this month: You are opening up just a little bit to me about your feelings and showing more emotion than just depression and anger. It is a welcomed change around the house to see you happy! Enjoying some of what life has to offer and stepping out of our comfort zone. You are spending more time with me; watching movies, reading together and just hanging out which is a welcomed change. Yo are even making a very good effort at being kinder to all your brothers!

Favorite Photo:

Scripture Verse:


Where I hope to see you grow: In closeness to Christ and His word. Remembering that His word will contradict what the world says about who you are to be, how you are to conduct yourself, and what is and is not acceptable in all matters. Sadly, it can be a lonely relationship but one that is worth it.
Favorite thing we are doing this month:
1. Cake Decorating: Our AHG troop worked this month on our cake decorating skills. You learned how make frosting from scratch. We also learned how to do 4 different types of designs using tips, how to double stack cakes, create borders and all sorts of other things. Since neither of us like cake it was a good thing they were donated to Our Calling for their Thanksgiving feast.  
2. Hell House-Yep you went to your first Haunted House with me and James aka Dad ;)-in November! It was the last weekend of October/ beginning of November 2nd. You loved this place. We waited in line for over an hour and the house it self was 7 layers and it took us an hour to go through it. What was unique about this haunted house was it was a Christian based hell house. So each layer was filled with real life scenarios-abortion, drugs, alcohol, parties, fights, murder, death, jail time etc then we got locked in a coffin and released by angels bringing the saved to God. It was really neat and you asked you go back and do it again and you want that to be our new thing every year. Visiting different Christ based Hell Houses. 
3. Operation Christmas Child- We worked the collection week at the Dallas drop location . We did a packing party were we packed over 800 shoe boxes and then we worked the line taking donation for over 9,000 boxes that were donated. It was very cold, windy and raining, but you were a trooper stuck it out and we had a really awesome time. We plan to do it again next year and make this just our thing.

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