Monday, January 13, 2014


14 Things I Love About Delaney on Your 14th Birthday
(Not in any specific order)
1.    You love God-Although you have your ups and downs with what the Word says, you aim to please God and it shows in your life.
2.    You are a fabulous friend-In fact I could learn a few things from you on how we should treat our friends and make relationships last.
3.    You love your brothers-Even though you guys go toe to toe on a lot of days, you genuinely love each other and you try to take the high road in dealing with them. Even when I know you are screaming at them inside.
4.    You are a great helper-When I am sick you always help out with your little brother. You help me keep things quasi organized and although you hate cleaning you take great pride when you do the job well, plus you cook for me.
5.    You are brave-You tackle things you want to accomplish with gusto and you don’t give up. Plus, you can get on all the high rides that I am too chicken to do J
6.    You are caring- When you see someone get hurt or being picked on you stand up for them or see if you can care for them-even strangers.
7.    You have personality! You are unique and not ashamed which is beautiful and just the way God made you.
8.    You are funny-You love to laugh and make others laugh right along with you. You make me laugh and say crazy and weird things; you keep a smile on my face and on those who know you.
9.    You are intelligent- You pick things up quickly when taught and retain it. When you put your mind to it there is nothing you cannot accomplish.
10. You are beautiful-every aspect of you is amazing-You are beautiful from the inside out in a classic way.
11.  You are artistic-I love seeing what things you are going to draw, paint or build. It is a craft I hope you always spend some time with and grow.
12.               You are Generous- You easily give your things to people who need them, your time to those who crave it and you would rather make people happy than own possessions.
13. You have an enormous love of animals-You can look at our house and see there is a heart that bleeds for all animals. From saving snails in the rain, to critters on the road, or every stray in town, you cannot stand to see an animal hurting, hungry or in need.
14. Your Mine- I am eternally thankful to God for entrusting me with you; to raise you to glorify Him and see you are turning into the beautiful, talented, funny, intelligent, God loving young lady you are becoming. 
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