Friday, February 7, 2014

Favorite Moments Friday-Horsemanship

Our American Heritage Girls Troop 595 is preparing to work on their horsemanship badge this month. In preparation I had to go and make arrangements with Cedar Elm Stables in Forney  to set up riding lessons and other activities the gir4ls need to fulfill to get their badge. I cannot say enough nice things about this place or the staff that runs it. Paula and her husband are good Christian folk who were so excited and willing to help when they heard we were a faith based troop. She graciously offered our troop extremely deep cut riding lessons. So this week my favorite Friday memories are from our arrangement trip to the stables where my kids got to meet some great people and horses alike.

Very gentle horses.

Every time my daughter stopped feeding him he would go and nudge her to get him more food. When she would bring food back he would huff and then eat. Really cute. This photo was from the first time he huffed  and it spooked her.

Join in and share your favorite moment…

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Let’s share our best moments with each other, the moments we want to freeze in time; and encourage one another to live our lives awake, inspired, grateful, and full of joy.

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Kirsten Joy Awake

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