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Monday to Monday School Week 1-3

Monday School: Genesis
                                                                Homework for week 1

Week 1 Study questions:  1.) Job 11:7-20; 2.) Psalm 8; 3.)1 Chronicles 16:24-34; 4.) 1 Corinthians 15:38-41; 5.) John 1:1-5. Each day open with prayer, asking the Holy Spirit to illuminate His Word. Each day, ask yourself these questions as you read the Scriptures - 1.) WHO is this passage about? 2.) WHAT does this passage tell you about God's character? After all five days of reading, summarize what these Scriptures have in common.

Monday School: Genesis
Homework for week 2

Day 1:
Open in your journal by praising the Lord for who He is, what He has done, and all He is planning for you. Thank Him for five things. Lift up five people. Then pour out the concerns of heart to Him.
Open your Bible to Lamentations, and read chapter 3, verses 21-26.
·         What does this passage tell you about God?
As you go throughout the day today, ask God to help you “shift into G;” shift into Godly thinking. Remember, our very peace of mind hinges on what we meditate on.
Read Genesis 1 – what is the overriding characteristic of God that is displayed? That He is God as creator, author and perfecter of all things. He is a God of order, and nothing is impossible for Him.

Day 2:
Open in your journal the same way as on day 1, and ask God to help you shift into G today.
As we discussed in our first lecture, we read the Bible to learn about God and to know God. Read Philippians 3:1-9.
Turn back to Genesis 1. Read it in its entirety, underlining each time you see the words “and God said, and “and there was…/and it was so.”
Genesis 1:11 – Then God said, “Let the land produce vegetation: seed-bearing plants and trees on the land that bear fruit with seed in it, according to their various kinds. And it was so.
How many times do you see that combination occur in Genesis 1? 7 times.

Day 3:
Open in your journal the same way as on day 1, and ask God to help you shift into G today.
In our next lecture, we will explore God as creator. Read Isaiah, chapter 40, and do the following:
·         Underline the passages that show similarities to or add details to the creation story told in Genesis 1. Vs: 12, 15, 22, 26, and 28 allude to creation.
·         List the passages that highlight the frailty of man. Verses 6 – 8, 22 are about the frailty of man.
·         What portion of this Scripture do you like the most? Why? List the answers in your journal.
Lord, one thing that strikes me about these Scriptures is how well you know your creation. You created every atom in the Universe, and you know the exact location of each one. You know the exact measurement of every molecule of water on the earth, in the earth, and above the earth. You know the weight of the oceans and the seas. You intimately know the life that the waters contain.
When a fish is born, you know it. When a seahorse dies, you know this, too.
You created every piece of dirt and rock that makes up every mountain. You assigned each blade of grass its place. Not a flower bursts forth without You knowing it, and You know when each petal opens. The flowers look skyward toward You, the trees reach for You, and the wind sings to You. All creation declares Your majesty.
With the breadth of Your mighty hand you placed limits in our atmosphere. You know the exact height the eagle can fly, and You know exactly when a feather falls from its wing. You know where every insect is at every moment, no hiding place exists to You.
Every star has a place and a name. By Your Word, You called them into existence. Man cannot count them, but You know each and every one.
From Your mighty throne You hold the Universe together. Nothing goes unseen and no place is beyond Your reach. You speak and the galaxies tremble, You exhale and Your Spirit covers the earth. You build and tear down nations, and still You think of me.
The One who counts the stars also counts the hairs on Your head. The One who brought forth light can chase your darkness away. The One who creates spaces and then fills them, can fill the void in your heart. And the One who fine-tuned the Universe will surely not fail to meet your needs.

Day 4:
Open in your journal the same way as on day 1, and ask God to help you shift into G today.
Read Isaiah 43:1-15
·         What does this passage tell you about God?
·         What does it tell you about you?

Day 5:
Open in your journal the same way as on day 1, and ask God to help you shift into G today.
Read Genesis 1 again. Ask God to reveal something new to you. Do some cross-referencing on any verses you like. Bring them to class to discuss.

Week 3 Study Guide
Genesis 1:1 - In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.
1.      Genesis 1:1 is a ___________________ statement.
2.      Genesis 1:1 is also a ________________________; a figure of speech that uses two contrasting words to refer to an entirety. 
Theories on creation:
·        atheistic:_____________________________________________________________

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