Thursday, March 27, 2014

Trim Healthy Mama Food Journal

 Each week, I plan share my food journal while I am following the Trim Healthy Mama book to help encourage others and hold myself accountable.This will be my first week to start on Thursday. Wish me luck!

S means Satisfying...fat is in the meal, but low-carbs.
E means Energizing....carbs in the meal, but low-fat.
FP means Fuel Pull....low on both carbs and fats. 


FP breakfast....egg whites with a little turkey sausage, some veggies, and a Light Laughing Cow cheese.  My coffee had Stevia, caramel extract, vanilla, almond milk, and pumpkin pie spice.

E lunch....1 low-carb tortilla with some Ranch style beans and a little bit of peaches.

FP snack....some turkey pepperoni with Light Laughing Cow Cheese plus a few pretzel sticks.   I had coffee with Stevia, cocoa, caramel extract, and almond milk.

S supper....cheeseburger with extra pickle and extra lettuce plus other veggies and mayo.; no bun.  I also had a few pork rinds.  I had coffee with Stevia, cocoa, caramel extract, and almond milk.

FP snack....1 Wasa Light Rye cracker with Light Laughing Cow cheese.


FP with Stevia, almond milk, caramel extract, and cocoa. I had coffee twice.   I had egg whites with a veggie sausage patty, too.

FP lunch....a low-carb tortilla with egg whites, a bit of fat-free cheddar, 4 little turkey pepperonis, and some veggies.

Please note that you do NOT want to eat a lot of FP's on this plan as a meal unless you are really trying to get your weight to moving.  I hit a stand-still again this week, so I am eating this way today.  It is not something that is good for you to do on a regular basis.  Your body does need those healthy fats and carbs.  FP's for snacks are encouraged, though.

S meal/snack?....This was around the time I might normally have a snack.  Since I was hungry, though, I decided to eat.  I made some burgers with cheddar cheese and ate with no bun, a little greens, and some pickles.  I didn't eat as much as I would for a meal, though, so maybe this was a snack. I had more coffee with Stevia, almond milk, cocoa, and caramel extract.  I do salt my coffee to knock off the bitterness also.

S supper....I had 2 tablespoons of natural peanut butter on a low-carb tortilla plus a side of green beans.


E breakfast....2 slices of Sara Lee 45 Cal. Multi-grain bread with a slice of American cheese (low-fat) and just 1/8 teaspoon of butter, grilled up.  You have to count those fats in there, so watch the butter and cheese.  I had part of an apple with this.  I had two cups of coffee.  My current favorite concoction is 1/8 teaspoon of Stevia, 1 teaspoon of cocoa, a couple dashes of salt, a dash of caramel extract, and a good splash of almond milk.  Yummy!

FP lunch....1/2 a Joseph's Lavash Bread spread with a Light Laughing Cow cheese with two slices of fat-free turkey lunchmeat, heated, plus some green beans.  Just count your fats/carbs if you want this in FP territory so you don't go over.  

FP snack....9 pork rinds.

S supper....eggs with turkey pepperoni and sausage, a Light Laughing Cow cheese (two; yum), and veggies plus 1/4 a Joseph's Lavash bread with ome peanut butter. 

S snack....peanut butter on a spoon plus some turkey lunchmeat.


FP breakfast....egg whites with 1 turkey sausage link, veggies, and a Light Laughing Cow cheese wedge.  Coffee had almond milk, Stevia, cocoa, salt, and caramel extract.  

S lunch....a chicken thigh baked in butter with a side of green beans.  I was still hungry, so I also had 1/4 of a Joseph's Lavash Bread with 1 tablespoon of peanut butter.  I also had coffee made just like this morning.

It might be worth noting that I am really struggling with hunger lately.  I haven't previously had much issue with it.  I'm trying to figure out what is causing that.  It may possibly be from adding so many FP meals to my routine. 

FP snack/mini meal?....I was hungry!  I went ahead and made a pizza from 1/2 a Joseph's Lavash Bread, a bit of sauce, fat-free cheddar, greens, and turkey pepperoni.  After counting all of the carbs and fat, it did seem to fall right into FP category.   I also had more coffee, made the same as I had been making it all day.

I didn't even have supper.  My littlest girl made something special as a dessert, and I indulged.  When your five year old makes something, you eat it.  Back on plan tomorrow.


I think that all of my FP meals are back-firing.  They worked for a bit to really get that fat moving, but I think they are putting my body into starvation mode.  That isn't good.  That makes you hungry, makes you have cravings, and will cause you to actually gain weight.  So, today, I am going to eat all E meals.  Tomorrow, I will eat either eat all E or maybe an S or two.  We'll see if that helps to get my body feeling better.

E breakfast....egg whites with veggies, 1 slice of zero fat, healthy bread with Polaner's All Fruit jam, and part of an apple.  I had two cups of coffee with Stevia, caramel extract, salt, almond milk, and cocoa.

I felt much better after having a good breakfast instead of an FP breakfast like I've been doing so often lately!

E lunch....1 can of Progresso Light Soup with some fat-free cheddar plus a Wasa Light Rye cracker with some Light Laughing Cow cheese.  I also had a couple pieces of lunchmeat with this. 

E snack....1/2 cup of pinto beans with fat-free cheddar, 9 pork rinds (makes 5 grams of fat), and 1/2 a cup of mixed fruit.  I am determined to stop being hungry and give myself the energy that I need.   I had an afternoon coffee like my morning one.

E supper....1.5 cups of pinto beans with some fat-free cheese.  So filling!


I decided to go with S style today.

S breakfast....eggs with turkey sausage and veggies plus two cups of coffee made the same as usual.

S lunch....double cheeseburger, no bun, with mayo. and lots of lettuce and tomato.

S normal coffee plus about 1/4 of a Joseph's Lavash Bread with just 1/8 cup of beans and some cheddar and then also some turkey pepperoni on the side.

S supper....eggs with vegggies, turkey pepperoni with cheese, and 1/2 a peanut butter sandwich


E breakfast....egg whites with Light Laughing Cow cheese, 1 cup Progresso Light Soup, 1 slice of my bread with some all-fruit jam, and part of an apple.  I had my normal coffee.

E lunch....tacos without the cheese, with lettuce.  Since these were take-out, they were probably a crossover. 

E snack....1 cup of Progresso Light soup plus a Wasa Light Rye cracker with Light Laughing Cow cheese and my coffee.

E supper....taco salad with ground turkey, homemade seasonings, fat-free cheddar, lettuce, salsa, and crumbled up Wasa Light Rye crackers (2).  

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