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Pieces of Me by Diana Lynn

Diana Lynn's book, Pieces of Me.

ISBN-13: 978-0615663227 | ISBN-10: 0615663222   |List Price: $11.66 print / $9.99 in Kindle |Format: Softcover or Kindle | Page Count: 114

Diana Lynn is a Seattle-area business owner, speaker, and author of “Pieces of Me – Life of a Recovering Dysfunctional.” Diana loves to inspire readers with her personal story of overcoming difficult circumstances through perseverance and hope. As a pregnant, 18 year- old high school dropout, stuck in an abusive relationship, Diana had two choices: she could become a victim of her circumstances or she could push forward and discover a successful, fulfilling life. The choices she made shaped the rest of her life.

Her challenges and decisions in response to life’s obstacles serve to inspire readers of all backgrounds to find new beginnings. Her heart is to use her candidly-written life story to offer hope and inspire people to overcome their own obstacles, identify their own dreams, set goals, and figure out a way forward.

~My Impressions~ 

What I first noticed about this book is the style the author uses when she writes allows the reader to really feel what she is experiences. The joys, pain, sorrow, happiness you experience along with Diana as she walks through life's decisions and consequences.

Diana goes through alot in life early on including teen pregnancy, depression. abusive realtionship, single motherhood, death of her mother,

Diana's life has encompassed the span of deep depressions....a teenage pregnancy, abusive 1st husband, emotional abuse, single motherhood, the loss a relationship with her father, death of her mother and more, but as she goes through each trial in life she realizes she is learning lessons that her Savior is teaching her. The value of love, hope and forgiveness.

This can be a difficult book to read, especially if you have walked the life that Diana has. I found too much of myself in this book at times and looking in the mirror can be difficult for the best of us. I can easily recommend this book for those that need encouragement.

About the Author:

Diana Lynn is a Seattle-area business owner, speaker, wife, mother, and author of Pieces of Me – Life of a Recovering Dysfunctional.

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* CWA Disclaimer: In reading this book only one of Diana’s many stories concerned me. As a new believer facing the loss of her Mom, Diana makes a decision to consult a psychic. Please be aware that this is not a decision CWA endorses or supports in anyway. I believe the Bible is very clear about psychics. Instead, I hope this story will be a cautionary tale to believers showing the importance of supporting the brokenhearted through their grief so they are not enticed by the strategies of the enemy.*
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