Thursday, May 29, 2014

Below the Surface (Code of Silence #3)

In the third book in the Code of Silence series, a coming-of-age story that both boys and girls will enjoy, from prolific author and speaker Tim Shoemaker.

Buried fears don’t stay buried for long. Something is wrong with Cooper. He doesn’t understand it, and he won’t admit it, but after surviving the trauma of abduction, Cooper is plagued by a deep fear he can’t control. A vacation aboard the restored Getaway with his friends is just what he needs. No drama, no mysteries, just fun, relaxation, and a few well-planned pranks. But trouble follows this crew, and the idea of a carefree vacation soon disappears along with a missing woman. The police think she drowned, but Hiro has her own suspicions and starts investigating, while Cooper keeps busy and hides behind his practical jokes. But fear has a way of rising. A prank gone wrong, a dark water dive, and the four friends find more than they bargained for - just below the surface.

My Impressions: 

I LOVED this book. Filled with mystery, a little romance, suspense, intrigue, an all around fantastic book. This is the 3rd book in the Code of Silence series,and the first one I have read,  but it easily stands on its own merits.

Below the Surface is an amazing book about friendship, conquering ones fears and loyalty. It does not hurt  that the book  is packed full of action, humor and mischief that all middle grade readers and schoolers will love. I think part of the reason the kids got into trouble is because they really needed more adult supervision/interaction, but then again that was what the summer was about for these kids, finding some independence and experiencing life before High School.

I really enjoyed how Cooper's dad stepped up and knew exactly what Lunk was needing since his dad walked out on the family. The importance of a dad in one's life is only hinted at in the book, but impactfull nonetheless.I know this book was wrote for a much younger audience, but I really enjoyed it and was sad when it was over. Great read.

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