Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Under the Heavens (Amish Horses Series, Book1)

Thomas Nye ~Crosslink Publishing ~ 412 pp. ~ Amish Fiction

A teenage boy, struggling with his identity, reluctantly leaves his modern, city-life behind and enters the slow-paced, mysterious world of the Amish. Grandpa teaches Lenny to farm with draft horses, a tranquil experience that seeps into his soul, changing his perspective. A neighbor girl appears while he is working in the fields, weaving a romance in the fabric of his summer. Lenny discovers that everyday on an Amish farm is an adventure. Thunderstorms rumble above, as a fragile relationship, between an Amish family and their non-Amish visitor, begins to unravel. Daybreak in a cow pasture, plowing with horses, enchanting moonlit buggy rides, and picturesque sunsets are all part of life, Under the Heavens.

My Impressions: 
This was a nice Amish story about a boy named Lenny who visits his Step-Father's Amish side of the family for the summer. This is a great coming of age story. This is not the typical Amish fiction book you see out there and for that  I was grateful, I enjoyed glimpsing into a different aspect of Amish life. 

I really loved how Grandpa Jesse uses the horses to teach and show Lenny Gods love, grace and nurturing side. Lenny also learns many skills while on the farm both in trade and how to control his emotions and in return gains self confidence  a deep appreciation and love for his Amish family.

I am really looking forward to the next book in this series so I can step into a different culture, lifestyle and a slower life pace that only the Amish seem to have really discovered. If you love horses you will adore this book.

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