Thursday, May 29, 2014

What I Love About Drake April 2014

Favorite Quote: " Mommy, I wont steal from you again. I did not like being grounded. I asked God to help me not steal anymore so I wont get grounded again and He did."


Ephesians 4:28 

Let the thief no longer steal, but rather let him labor, doing honest work with his own hands, so that he may have something to share with anyone in need.

Where I hope to see you grow:  

This has been a hard month for you all around. It started off with you lying, saying a few choice cuss words that I wont repeat and then stealing over $50 out of my purse to buy junk food for your friends at daycare. All of this was within the first week! Geesh kiddo you love to test me. Needless to say you got to experience your very first 2 day grounding. You hated it, I hated, I think the whole neighborhood hated it in fact.  I was pleased to know the grounding had an effect on you and more pleased that you talked to God about helping you when you are tempted and how you felt. I love that you draw your strength from Him and not your own ability. 

The next week held the news of finding out that you suffer from an intellectual delay, AKA you sit on the cusp between mild and moderate retardation within the autism spectrum. This devastated me and answered alot of questions at the same time for me. All your emotional meltdowns over the slightest thing that last anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour, your lack of social skills, your need to do everything in a very anal way each time you do it, the struggles in school, behavior problems at home, your need for details and a schedule, etc, etc. Then came the struggle of knowing how to discipline you and create your negative behavior in light of this new information. So I guess my hope is that we will all learn to grow in our care and understanding of what you are going through so we can help you be the best you God designed you to be.

What has impressed me most this month:  How far along your prayers are coming. You are still learning to pray outside of rhymes and still do your standard bedtime prayer, but you have become more confident in asking God to help watch over and protect others who are hurting, sick, do not know the Lord, feeling sad and lonely etc. You also love to pray for all the animals of the world.

Favorite things we did: 

1. Got a dog- yeppers. We got a English Bulldog and it makes all sorts of crazy noises that keep us awake at night and make us giggle. You made the mistake of letting his "sleep" with your DBU bear I bought you and he refuses to give it back. Each time you try and take it he turns around and lays on it and starts grunting at you. It's really cute. 

2.Soccer games-your team is undefeated so far this year which is awesome. But, soccer makes my list from watching you play, especially now that I understand better of what makes you tick. When you get the ball you have this whole system you have to go through before you will kick the ball. You have to line it up, take 2 steps back, aim and then kick. You do this at practice and during the games. I am trying so hard not to yell at you to kick the darn ball and you are trying equally as hard to get it set up quickly to kick the ball. What makes it so darn cute is it does not matter what team we play when the other kids see you going though your little ritual they stop and wait. It's so darn cute and funny at the same time. Once you get the ball going you are fine and will keep with the ball and kick, pass, whatever, but that initial kick has to be done your way.

3.Brother's visits- You love it when your brothers come and visit you. They take you to play tennis, let you play on their X-Box, they play the Wii with you, let you throw knives with them and on and on the boy list goes. Plus you get to wrestle, fart for weird reasons with them, and talk smack to people they are playing online games with. things your sister and I just dont do. You like hanging with the boys basically and I adore seeing you get quality time with your brothers doing things only boys can do together.

4.Easter Week- We got to do all sorts of lovely things this week. Easter Egg hunt with your sister. Yep, she joined in so you would not have to do it alone. We made a great Easter meal, went to Easter services-the whole shebang. Just had a great day, watching Joseph King of Dreams movie with you over and again and cuddling enjoying our time together.

5. Kayak-You have fallen in love with Kayaking since your trip with your mentor, Mark from Generations Outdoors. You had a blast learning the basics and tackling White Rock Lake. You loved it so much we went out and bought our own kayakes so we can go anytime we want. You do get frustrated trying to work the paddles though, but sometimes I just hook you onto the back of mine and pull you along while you practice.

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