Thursday, May 29, 2014

What I Love About Laney - April 2014

Favorite Quote: " Ugh,I hate living here" I have been hearing that one alot lately. Pretty much since you turned 13 actually. You keep begging to go stay with your dad. You hate religion, rules, responsibility, commitment, etc. Right now you feel I am destroying your life and everything that makes you happy. Time limits on the PC, no phone, I make you go outside into the real world, I force you to go to sporting events, and church, etc. Basically you feel I am out to get you and tell me about it every chance you get. Your main complaints are religion and internet rules. 

Scripture: Proverbs 22:6 "Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it." I cling to this verse with you and the promises in it. It helps me keep pursing God and trying my best to lead by example and set the bar.

Where I hope to see you grow:  In your faith. Its dwindling down to nothing. You are pushing hard against it. Anything God, church, christian you automatically find negativity in it and hate it, or at least most of it. It was not as bad as it has become. Just last year you wanted to be baptized, now its an argument when I mention God, the Bible, anything religious with you. I pray all the time that God will recapture your heart and turn you back to Him.  You are harming yourself again and getting sneaker about the locations, where you hid things and more closed off to everyone around you. I am lost about how to help you anymore than what I already am. I have to have faith that God is in control and has His hand in this situation as well,helping us both.

What has impressed me most this month: You always are very kind and giving to those in need. You are the first to befriend someone that has no one else. You reach out to your friends that are hurting and try to comfort them. I see you worry and fret over situations that people you loved are in and how you can help them. I see you stand up and intervene when you see people are being bullied and treated unfairly. You have nurturing and loving spirit that I hope you never loose.

Favorite things we did:
1.Gages-ok I did not go with you and I dont really like that you got them, but you were on cloud nine when you found out you could get them and beamed for days after you got them. You got the smallest size and i will admit that they are not as bad as what I thought they were going to be. They looked huge to me the first could of days, but I have grown use to them over the weeks.
2. Horseback Riding- You got the easy horse that cooperated with you and so did Drake. I got the feisty, keep throwing my head in the air and freak me out horse with the attitude. We went on a mile trail ride that lasted a little over an hour and frankly I was glad when it ended. You on the other hand wanted to do it again. I should have switched horses.
3. Camping-We went on a 3 day camp-out and had a blast. Mesquites were not bad, weather was nice and the food was great! Played some capture the flag, kick the can and roasting marshmallows. You spent alot of time writing in your journal. Probably complaning that their was no internet, no phone, and no Tyler.

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