Thursday, May 29, 2014

What I Love About Matthew-April 2014

Favorite Quote:" I dont know, maybe" This seems to be your phrase lately to most anything that I ask you. You are consistently inconsistent. :)

Scripture Verse:

1 Timothy 5:8

But if anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for members of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.

Where I Hope to See You Grow:  My wish for you will continue to be that you grow in faith for Christ Jesus. I know you are not a believer, but my hope is and will remain that Christ will surround you with His people to show you the love that can only be found in those that follow after our King. I continue to try and set the example, but I know that friends at this stage in life have a much greater influence over your life than I do, so I will pray that you are surrounded with believers that can help show you the truth in ways that only friends can.

What Has Impressed Me Most About You This Month: You are finally talking about going to college! I really did not think you were going to get serious about it and I was getting a little worried about you. Now I hear you making plans and started getting the ball going,which makes me really happy. I am glad that you are still interested in Architectural Design and that your passions are consistent.

Some Favorite Things We Did Together: 

1. Kayak- I got you on a kayaking kick. Every time I turn around you want to take the kayak's out and have some fun for a few hours. We have only gone to Lake Ray Hubbard, but soon we shall venture out to other areas and try some more adventures waters. You caught on real quick so I dont think that will be a issue.

2. Knife Throwing- You mock me and my knife throwing skills, or lack thereof. You can take the hatchet and whack it at the tree and hit it every time almost. Me I keep missing. You even showed your little brother how to do it and even he can hit it. I think you counted like 23 times in a row. Yea, I bite. Anyway it was fun to do with you and I enjoyed it alot.

3. Movie Watching-Yep We love sitting around and watching movies, munching on snacks and doing pretty much nothing sometimes. Its enjoyably to kick back and relax and not feel the  pressure of the day. For the most part we like the same movies-outside horror that I cannot stand. I leave all the horror watching to you and Delaney-leave me out. I can do without the hebejebes all night thank you very much.

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