Friday, June 6, 2014

All About Us: What I Love About Drake May 2014

Favorite Photo...

Scripture Verse...
Philippians 4: 6 "Be anxious for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God." You lived this verse out alot this month. Praying for health, courage, strength, behavior etc all month and I watched time and again how God showed himself to you by answering your prayers.

I adore this little daily ritual or habit we have... As soon as I get home, you want to drag me to my room so you can get your cuddle time in before anyone else.  You do not like it if I even say hello to the other kids-it frustrates you-but you "allow" it. You love to play wrestling with me, or tell stories, color, play the wii/X-box, play baby (probably your favorite). Basically you just want my undivided attention on only you with no TV watching involved, unless we are playing a game together. You have had this ritual with my for over a year and as annoying as it can be some days, I am going to really miss it when you no longer want to  do it or stop caring if we dont.

One of your most irresistible physical features is...
your giddy little smile. You have alot of facial expressions, but you get these adorable little smiles that melt my heart. If you are lying, being mischievous, hiding something funny, wanting love, etc it all comes out in the smile you are wearing.

I missed you when....
went away to go camping. This was the very first weekend since you have been born (outside of one when you were 7 months old) that you have been away from me. My house felt empty. You and Delaney were both out camping and I had no clue what to do with myself. Finally Matthew came over to spend time with me. I missed you so much. I am going to have a hard time when you grow up on me I think.

5 Words/Phrases that come to mind when I think about you: Silly, emotional, loveable (hugger/kisser), playful, prayerful

Some of our favorite songs we both love...
What the Fox says-Ylvis
Story of my Life- One Direction- you really love this video and how the faces change from one singer to the other while they walk.
We Believe-Newsboys

Special Occasions...I enjoy praying you every night. More than that I enjoy it when you see your prayers answered by God. You went through this phase when you were stealing money from me. so you started praying to God to help you be honest and not to steal. A couple days later you came to me and gave me a couple of dollars. You told me you stole them from me because you wanted money for daycare, but then you told me God told you to not steal and so you came to tell me you wont steal anymore from me because God was helping you not do it anymore. I was proud of you, but more proud that you are learning to listen to and respond to the Spirit of God within you. It took courage to come and tell me you were going to steal. you could have put it back in my purse and not said anything at all, but you deciced to honor God,have integrity and tell me your plans and ask for forgivness instead. 

This month we went horseback riding for the first time. I was terrified and you and Delaney both were little pros. You hopped on these huge horses, followed instructions and were ready to go trotting on down the path with no help. I was freaking out and scared till about the last 30 minutes of our 2 hour trail ride. I was impressed with how you spoke to your horse, loved on it and told it over and again how good it was for not running and staying in line like it was suppose to. The whole time you were giving your horse a pep talk. Very cute. Hopefully we will get to go back and ride again sometime soon. 

You won a family 4 pack of Rangers tickets through a health fair we attended last month. We got really great seats right behind first base. We were really hoping we would catch a ball, but they went everywhere but where we were sitting that night. Either way you love baseball and always enjoy yourself when we go to the games. You love dancing and trying to get on the camera and searching for the mascot horse and trying to win the dot race. 

Mother's Day this year you built me a flower planter from Lowes Build N Grow workshop. We then planted little daisies inside it and hopefully it will grow. You were very careful with your painting, gluing and hammering with your project so it would look extra special for me and I loved it. 

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